March 30, 2002

Who Am I?

Early 30s. Princeton alum. Attorney. Orioles fan.

Why Tollbooth?

Well, if you've read The Phantom Tollbooth, you should catch the reference to Jumping To Conclusions. If you haven't read it, go read it. Plus, I live in New Jersey, the Tollbooth State.

What Else?

Not that many people read this blog. There aren't any other questions asked frequently. Go ahead. Ask one. I dare you.

October 5, 2002

Who's that wacky "Partha Mazumdar" guy?

From his introductory post:

I'm Partha Mazumdar and I'm occasionally going to be collaborating with him on this blog (the page is still his, I'm just going to be helping out). I'm officially trained in American Studies and I "do" Asian American immigration specializing in Asian American entrepreneurship and representations of Asian Americans in popular culture. Entrepreneurship (and, specifically, Indian owned hotels) is my first love -- and nothing can ever approach a first love -- but popular culture studies has become a mistress I spend probably too much time with. I teach within the Department of Asian American Studies of the Unversity of Pennsylvania.

You'll all read soon, but my politics can best be described as Clintonian. I feel no shame (in fact, I feel great pride) in saying that the former president is my guide, my leader, and my admiration for him borders on reverence. Without any irony and not thinking that it's cheezy, I still believe in a place called Hope.

June 12, 2003

Peter Dutton? Who the heck is he?

RAFO. (That's "Read And Find Out," for those of you unsophisticated readers.)

Do the authors outnumber the readers now?

Probably. What's yer point?

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