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January 6
Players of the...

From 1954, when major league baseball returned to Baltimore, to 1999, when we often wondered if the Orioles belonged in the majors, the Os provided so many great memories in the 20th century. So, with months to go until the new season begins, we wanted to start our look back by recognizing some of the best of the last 46 years.

The Warehouse selects
Century Cal Ripken
1990s Mike Mussina
1980s Cal Ripken
1970s Jim Palmer
1960s Boog Powell
1950s Gus Triandos

Who else could we have picked?

We weighted length of performance highly, so Oriole greats like Frank Robinson and Rafael Palmeiro just couldn't quite make it, despite their high levels of play.

Finally, we wanted to provide honorable mention to Ken Singleton and Mike Flanagan, who both contributed so much to the Orioles but got shortchanged because their careers couldn't easily be pigeonholed into one decade.

Comments? Are we crazy? Did we made brilliant choices? Incredibly dumb ones? We want to know what you think. And if you can do better, show us! Good submissions are always welcome.

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