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April 2
Calwatch 2001

This is Cal Ripken Jr.'s 21st (and possibly last) season in the major leagues. In that time, there have not been nearly enough team highlights, but there have been a ton of personal highlights. Of course, he's most famous for The Streak, and 2,632 will always be associated with Ripken's name. But we should never forget the other things he has done, never let it get to the point where The Streak overshadows his remarkable career. We don't want to hear people saying -- as we've heard casual fans saying too often -- "If it wasn't for the streak, he'd never get into the Hall of Fame." To that end, we wanted to make everyone aware of some of the other major milestones that Cal Ripken is approaching. Keep these in mind, and plan your trips to the ballpark accordingly, so you can say that you were there for Cal Ripken's 600th double or 1,733rd RBI. (Hey, it might not be as exciting as 2,131 games, 3,000 hits, or 400 HRs, but it's better than watching Mike Trombley come out of the bullpen to get bombed, no?)

All stats through the end of the 2000 season
Games2,873 (11th)232,896-Brooks Robinson (10th)
782,951-Rusty Staub (9th)
1002,973-Dave Winfield (8th)
1192,992-Willie Mays (7th)
1533,026-Stan Musial/Eddie Murray (6th)
1613,034-Ty Cobb (4th)
AB11,074 (6th)26211,336-Eddie Murray (5th)
35511,429-Ty Cobb (4th)
R1,604 (37th)71,611-Bill Dahlen (35th)
231,627-Eddie Murray (30th)
651,669-Dave Winfield (25th)
H3,070 (19th)723,142-Robin Yount (15th)
2B587 (12th)13600
18605-Paul Molitor (10th)
37624-Hank Aaron (9th)
HR417 (28th-T)21438-Andre Dawson/Ken Griffey Jr. (25th)
RBI1,627 (20th)1061,733-Honus Wagner (15th)

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