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March 21
Roster Notes

With spring training coming down the final stretch, it's worth taking a look at the outlook for the players fighting for the last few roster slots. Here's a quick look at how they're doing, and what we think of their chances. We've divided the players into three groups: catchers, other position players, and pitchers, to show how the players who are competing with each other are doing. Of course, keep in mind that on the Orioles, performance has little to do with whether players get the job. Also keep in mind that these performances represent only a handful of at-bats or innings pitched, and don't really provide a good picture of what the players are capable of doing. (All stats thru Tuesday, March 21.)

PlayerHow he's doing 
Fernando Lunar
Backup C
143/143/143. Only has 2 hits in 14 ABs, with no extra base hits or walks. The Orioles want to give him the backup job, but he hasn't hit and he can't hit. They like his defense, but is that enough?[FROWNY]
Greg Myers
Backup C
276/276/379. Outplaying Lunar, which isn't saying much. No walks, and other than one HR almost two weeks ago, no extra base hits. The Orioles want to trade him, which would leave them extremely exposed at C. Unhappy about the Orioles' attitude towards him, he's probably not winning friends. [FROWNY]

PlayerHow he's doing 
Jay Gibbons
387/364/613. Leading the team in hitting, one would hope he had locked down a job, but he's only 24 and these are the Orioles, so we can't be certain. He has been slowed in recent days by minor injuries, but he should make the team.[SMILEY]
Jeff Conine
319/333/489. Possible trade bait is hitting okay, but fielding very badly at third base (4 errors in 9 partial games there). It isn't helping his value.[FROWNY]
Mike Kinkade
318/420/780. Leading the team in HRs and slugging, his versatility as well as the various health problems on the team have probably guaranteed him a job. As a 28-year old, he's not a prospect, but he's a very good bench player.[SMILEY]
Delino DeShields
2B/LF/Trade Bait
280/296/340. Trade bait is playing okay, but hasn't done anything to make him stand out. The Orioles seem interested in keeping him, particularly if they don't keep a utility infielder. And with Jerry Hairston's lack of spring production (200/267/250), he's probably going to have plenty of job security.?
Brian Roberts
Utility Infielder
370/419/667. Hitting well and his playing time has started to pick up. The Orioles probably don't have roster room for him, but he's certainly doing his best to change their minds.[SMILEY]
Eugene Kingsale
Backup CF
303/324/333. Hitting for average but with no secondary skills, he's done little to impress. He needs to stick on the roster or pass through waivers, and the Orioles don't have room for him.[FROWNY]

PlayerHow he's doing 
Jason Johnson
2.25 ERA in 4 starts, 16 IP. He has basically locked down the fourth/fifth starter role.[SMILEY]
Chuck McElroy
3.86 ERA in 7 IP. Opponents are hitting .308 against him and he has 2 BB and just 3 Ks. Expected to be a starter, but he hasn't gotten very many innings so far. Still, he's guaranteed some sort of job, and as the only potential LHP in the rotation, he has a leg up on Willis Roberts.?
Willis Roberts
4.00 ERA in 9 IP. The Orioles are gushing over the journeyman with the "live arm", who has a .171 Opponents AVG and 11 Ks (but 6 walks). The Orioles are touting him as a starter, but he doesn't have very many innings either, never having gone more than 3 innings in an outing.?
Calvin Maduro
0.00 ERA in 7 IP. Opponents are hitting just .130 against him, and he has 6 Ks and just 1 BB. He's come a long way to get back to where he started, but given Mills' questionable health, he's a good bet to make the team. [SMILEY]
Chad Paronto
1.29 ERA in 7 IP. Holding opposing batters to a .222 average. 7-1 K-BB ratio. Doing all he can to make the team, but he's probably going to fall victim to the numbers game and the new Oriole fetish for Willis Roberts and Jorge Julio.[SMILEY]
Jorge Julio
2.25 ERA in 8 IP. He has held opponents to a .192 average, and management loves his arm, calling him a potential closer, but he has just 4 Ks in his 8 IP, and there isn't a lot of room for him.?
John Bale
5.19 ERA in 8.2 IP, giving up 10 hits and 6 walks, while striking out just 5. As one of the only LHPs around, his job depends more on Chuck McElroy's role than on his own performance, but he's not helping himself out at all. [FROWNY]

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