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March 24
Roster Notes

With spring training coming down the final stretch, it's worth taking a look at the outlook for the players fighting for the last few roster slots. Here's a quick look at how they're doing, and what we think of their chances. We've divided the players into three groups: catchers, other position players, and pitchers, to show how the players who are competing with each other are doing. Of course, keep in mind that on the Orioles, performance has little to do with whether players get the job. Also keep in mind that these performances represent only a handful of at-bats or innings pitched, and don't really provide a good picture of what the players are capable of doing. (All stats thru Friday, March 23.)

PlayerHow he's doing 
Fernando Lunar
Backup C
105/150/105. Isn't hitting at all. The Orioles apparently don't care, but at some point, his bat is going to cost him his roster slot. [FROWNY]
Greg Myers
Backup C
297/316/405. Still easily outplaying Lunar, but the Orioles don't care, and plan to trade or release him. His high salary and the team's eagerness to move him probably means he will be released. [FROWNY]

PlayerHow he's doing 
Jay Gibbons
372/356/628. Still leading the team in hitting, and has come back from minor injuries with no ill-effects. Still looking strong to make the team. [SMILEY]
Jeff Conine
308/351/519. Hitting has picked up in last few days, and no errors recently. Still possible trade bait. [QUESTION]
Mike Kinkade
286/390/694. Still leading the team in HRs and slugging, though he has slowed down in recent days and appears to be pressing. Barring an upset, he has won a job. [SMILEY]
Delino DeShields
2B/LF/Trade Bait
302/316/396. Trade bait has picked up his performance in the last couple of days, but hurt his knee in a home-plate collision. Doesn't appear to be serious, but no trade appears to be on the horizon, either. [QUESTION]
Brian Roberts
Utility Infielder
371/410/629. Hitting very well, and may have played his way into a job; the Orioles are now talking about carrying 11 pitchers and giving him a job. [SMILEY]
Eugene Kingsale
Backup CF
341/366/372. Hitting for average but with no secondary skills. There's no roster room for him, but his play may make it impossible for the Orioles to get him through waivers. [QUESTION]
Melvin Mora
265/302/429. Apparently guaranteed the CF role, but his bat has fallen off considerably. Fortunately for him, he has little competition. [FROWNY]

PlayerHow he's doing 
Jason Johnson
2.05 ERA in 5 starts, 22 IP. Has won the fourth starter role. [SMILEY]
Chuck McElroy
3.00 ERA in 12 IP. Opponents are hitting .273 against him and he has 5 BB and just 6 Ks. No change in his status: he is expected to be a starter, despite his lack of innings. Either way, he's guaranteed some sort of job, and as the only potential LHP in the rotation, he has a leg up on Willis Roberts. [SMILEY]
Willis Roberts
2.57 ERA in 14 IP. Leading the team with 15 strikeouts, and since the Orioles are thrilled with him, he may have won a job. [SMILEY]
Calvin Maduro
0.00 ERA in 10 IP. Opponents are hitting just .171 against him, and he has 7 Ks and just 1 BB. He's come a long way to get back to where he started, but given Mills' questionable health, he's a good bet to make the team. [SMILEY]
Chad Paronto
2.00 ERA in 9 IP. Holding opposing batters to a .229 average. 10-1 K-BB ratio. Probably will fall victim to the numbers game, but ought to be the first callup from Rochester this year. [QUESTION]
Jorge Julio
3.00 ERA in 9 IP. Probably not enough room for him, but he's gone from A-ball washout with Montreal to supposed future closer material with Baltimore, so his stock has definitely risen. [QUESTION]
John Bale
4.66 ERA in 9.2 IP, giving up 11 hits and 6 walks, while striking out just 5. As one of the only LHPs around, his job depends more on Chuck McElroy's role than on his own performance, but he's not helping himself out at all. He has his final chance on Saturday to show what he can do, as he is given a starting opportunity. [FROWNY]

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