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February 23
Note from the Editor

As you may have noticed, we have been silent for quite a while. When this site was first conceived, it was just going to be an archive of historical feats and facts and figures. Later, we decided to make it a daily news and commentary site. But we've been debating for quite a while whether we wanted to keep this site going on that basis, which is why we haven't posted.

This is perhaps the least colorful, least interesting team that we can ever remember the Orioles fielding. Perhaps it's just post-Ripken malaise, but we think it's more than that. For decades, the Orioles were contenders. Even after that stopped, there was always something to follow about the team. A lot of that was Cal Ripken, but there were other veterans, other stars, worth watching. But now?

How much can you write about whether career backup Brook Fordyce can beat out potential career backups Geronimo Gil and Fernando Lunar? Does anybody care whether David Segui or Jeff Conine plays first? What about whether journeyman John Bale beats out journeyman Kris Foster for a bullpen berth? We find it hard to work up much enthusiasm for the debate. And Buddy Groom's quest to become the first pitcher in major league history to pitch 70 games for SIX straight seasons? Well, let's just say that they're unlikely to unfurl big numbers on the warehouse to help fans follow the chase.

In the past few years, we've kept up interest -- ours, at least -- by focusing on other issues, like the free agency period and the minor league career of Cal Pickering. But now, the minors are barren, the majors are barren, the Orioles limit their acquisitions to Marty Cordova and Chris Singleton, and the only real question is whether these Orioles will beat out Tampa Bay for the title of worst team in baseball.

And we know you're tired of hearing us say these things, and we're tired of writing them. And we're just about out of ideas for new things to say. But for now, we've decided to keep going. We're still fans, and we'll continue to be fans (if not paying customers). We may change our format slightly, but we'll be here. But let us reiterate: we welcome contributions from you. If you have thoughts on the Orioles, don't call the mindless talk show hosts on WBAL. Put them on paper (virtual paper, anyway), and send them along to us. If you have good ideas we'll publish them.

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