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Beard, Gordon Birds on the Wing: The Story of the Baltimore Orioles
Bready, James H. The Home Team
Baseball in Baltimore: The First Hundred Years
Chadwick, Bruce & David M. SpindelThe Baltimore Orioles: Memories and Memorabilia of the Lords of Baltimore
Colston, ChrisRare Birds: A Look at the Baltimore Orioles From A to Z
Hawkins, JohnThis Date in Baltimore Orioles & St. Louis Browns History
Hinz, BobBaltimore Orioles
Joseph, PaulBaltimore Orioles (America's Game)
Keplinger, SteveComeback Kids: A Fan Relives the Amazing Baltimore Orioles 1989 Season
Mandelaro, Jim & Scott PitoniakSilver Seasons: The Story of the Rochester Red Wings
Miller, James EdwardThe Baseball Business: Pursuing Pennants and Profits in Baltimore
Patterson, TedThe Baltimore Orioles: Forty Years of Magic from 33rd Street to Camden Yards
Day by Day in Orioles History
Rambeck, RichardBaltimore Orioles
Richmond, PeterBallpark: Camden Yards and the Buildings of an American Dream
Alomar, RobertoBrunt, StephenSecond to none: the Roberto Alomar Story
Thornley, StewRoberto Alomar: Star Second Baseman
Barney, RexBarney, Rex with Norman L. MachtRex Barney's Orioles Memories 1969-1994
Barney, RexRex Barney's Thank Youuuu: For 50 Years in Baseball from Brooklyn to Baltimore
Baylor, DonBaylor, Don with Claire Smith Don Baylor: Nothing But the Truth. A Baseball Life
Bonilla, BobbyKnapp, RonSports Great: Bobby Bonilla
Jackson, ReggieSullivan, GeorgeThe Picture Story of Reggie Jackson
Johnson, DaveyJohnson, Davey and Peter GolenbockBats
Levine, KenLevine, Ken"It's Gone! No, wait a minute...."
Lynn, FredDolan Jr., Edward F.Fred Lynn: The Hero From Boston
Libby, BillFred Lynn: Young Star
McGraw, JohnAlexander, CharlesJohn McGraw
Alexander, Charles & John McGrawMy Thirty Years in Baseball
Graham, Frank McGraw of the Giants
McGraw, John Real McGraw
Miller, JonMiller, JonConfessions of a Baseball Purist
Palmeiro, RafaelBrandt, Ed. Rafael Palmeiro: Living the American Dream
Brandt, Ed.Rafael Palmeiro: At Home With the Baltimore Orioles
Marvis, Barbara J.Rafael Palmeiro (Real Life Reader Biography)
Palmer, JimPalmer, Jim and Jim DaleTogether We Were Eleven Foot Nine: The Twenty-Year Relationship of Hall of Fame Pitcher Jim Palmer and Orioles Manager Earl Weaver
Palmer, JimPitching
Cohen, Joel H.Jim Palmer: Great Comeback Competitor
Richards, PaulRichards, Paul Modern Baseball Strategy
Ripken, CalBuck, RayCal Ripken Jr.: All-Star Shortstop (Sports Stars)
Campbell, Jim & Jim MurrayCal Ripken Jr. (Baseball Legends)
Gutman, BillCal Ripken, Jr.: Baseball's Iron Man
Joseph, Paul and Kal GronvellCal Ripken Jr. (Awesome Athletes)
MacNow, Glen & Jeff SavageCal Ripken Jr.: Star Shortstop (Sports Reports)
MacNow, GlenSports Great: Cal Ripken, Jr.
Nicholson, Lois P.Cal Ripken Jr.: Quiet Hero
Ripken, CalRipken: Cal on Cal
Ripken, CalCount Me In
Ripken, Cal and Mike BryanThe Only Way I Know / Audiobook
Rosenfeld, HarveyIron Man: The Cal Ripken, Jr., Story
Strazzabosco, JeanneLearning About the Work Ethic from the Life of Cal Ripken, Jr.
Thornley, StewCal Ripken Jr.: Oriole Ironman
Will, GeorgeMen At Work / Audiobook
Robinson, BrooksRobinson, Brooks as told to Jack Tobin Third Base Is My Home
Burchard, Marshall & Sue Brooks Robinson: Sports Hero
Robinson, Brooks with Fred Bauer Putting It All Together
Robinson, FrankRobinson, Frank and Berry StainbackExtra Innings
Robinson, Frank and Dave AndersonFrank-The First Year
Robinson, FrankMy Life In Baseball
Thompson, ChuckThompson, Chuck and Gordon BeardAin't the Beer Cold!
Valenzuela, FernandoBurchard, Sue H.Sports Star: Fernando Valenzuela
Gloeckner, Carolyn and Howard SchroederFernando Valenzuela
Littwin, MikeFernando
Weaver, EarlWeaver, Earl with Berry Stainback It's What You Learn After You Know It All That Counts
Weaver, Earl and John Sammis (ed.)Winning!
Weaver, Earl with Terry PlutoWeaver on Strategy
Pluto, TerryThe Earl of Baltimore: The Story of Earl Weaver
Whitt, ErnieWhitt, ErnieCatch: A Major League Life
Williams, Edward BennettWilliams, Edward Bennett The Man to See
Alesii, Brenda Washington-Baltimore Sports Quiz/Orioles, Redskins, Bullets, Capitals
Pugh, Linda The Baltimore Orioles Book O' Lists
Boswell, TomWhy Time Begins on Opening Day
How Life Imitates the World Series
The Heart of the Order
Cracking the Show
Okrent, DanNine Innings
Palmer, Jim with Jack ClaryJim Palmer's Way to Fitness
Rosenthal, Ken with Mike McCormick and Gary PerkinsonBest of the Best: 35 Major League Superstars
Russo, Jim with Bob HammelSuper Scout: Major League Scouting with Baltimore Orioles' Jim Russo
Schultz, Jim Surf Baseball Card Collectibles: Orioles
Every Topps Baseball Card from 1952-1986 Showing a Baltimore Oriole or St. Louis Brown is Pictured
Torrez, AndrewOff Base: New Insights into an Old Game
Will, GeorgeBunts / Audiobook

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