1999 Orioles Spring Training Information

1999 Ticket Information | Calendar Version | SPECIAL CUBA NOTE

Sat Mar 6MinnesotaFt. Myers1:05 PMWBAL
Sun Mar 7FloridaFt. Lauderdale1:05 PMWBAL
Mon Mar 8Los AngelesFt. Lauderdale1:05 PM 
Tue Mar 9St. LouisJupiter1:05 PM 
Wed Mar 10BostonFt. Lauderdale1:05 PM 
Thu Mar 11N.Y. MetsFt. Lauderdale1:05 PM 
Fri Mar 12St. LouisFt. Lauderdale1:05 PMHTS
Sat Mar 13MontrealFt. Lauderdale7:05 PMHTS/WBAL
Sun Mar 14MontrealJupiter1:05 PMWBAL
Mon Mar 15N.Y. MetsPort St. Lucie1:10 PM 
Tue Mar 16St. LouisFt. Lauderdale1:05 PM 
Wed Mar 17FloridaFt. Lauderdale1:05 PMWBAL
Thu Mar 18FloridaFt. Lauderdale1:05 PM 
Fri Mar 19MontrealJupiter1:10 PMWBAL
Sat Mar 20Los AngelesFt. Lauderdale1:05 PMWBAL
Sun Mar 21MinnesotaFt. Lauderdale1:05 PMWBAL
Mon Mar 22St. LouisJupiter1:05 PMHTS
Tue Mar 23MontrealJupiter1:05 PM 
Wed Mar 24N.Y. MetsFt. Lauderdale1:10 PMWBAL
Thu Mar 25Day off
Fri Mar 26Los AngelesVero Beach1:05 PM 
Sat Mar 27N.Y. MetsPort St. Lucie7:05 PMWBAL
Sun Mar 28CubaCuba12:00 PMESPN
Mon Mar 29St. LouisFt. Lauderdale1:05 PMHTS
Tue Mar 30MontrealFt. Lauderdale1:05 PMHTS
Wed Mar 31FloridaViera6:05 PMWBAL
Thu Apr 1FloridaViera1:05 PMWBAL
Fri Apr 2AtlantaAtlanta7:10 PMWBAL
Sat Apr 3PhiladelphiaBirmingham, AL1:35 PMWBAL

The Orioles will be playing a special home-and-away exhibition game exchange with Cuba. They are scheduled to visit Cuba on March 28th. Cuba's return trip to Baltimore will take place on May 3rd.

Ticket Information

Tickets may be purchased at the Ft. Lauderdale Stadium box office.  

To receive an order form for tickets, by mail or fax, contact:
Fort Lauderdale Stadium's Box Office:800-236-8908
via fax:954-776-9116
Orioles' Box Office: 410-685-9800
Or contact Ticketmaster in Florida:
Dade County: 305-358-5885
Broward County: 954-523-3309
Palm Beach County: 561-966-3309

1999 Ticket Prices

Section1999 Price
Box Seats$12
Reserved Grandstand$9
General Admission$6
Add $4 per mail order

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