Brady Kevin Anderson


Uniform #: 9

Bats:   Left         Height: 6-1
Throws: Left         Weight: 195

Born:  January 18, 1964
       Silver Spring, MD
Lives: Newport Beach, CA


06/85     Originally drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the 10th round of
          the annual June draft.
07/30/88  Acquired by the Orioles, with RHP Curt Schilling, for RHP Mike


Year  Team             Lvl AVG/OBP/SLG  AB
1985  Elmira           A      /   /     215
1986  Winter Haven     A      /   /     
1987  New Britain      AA
      Pawtucket        AAA
1988  Boston           AL
      Pawtucket        AAA
      Baltimore        AL
1989  Baltimore        AL
      Rochester        AAA
1990  Baltimore        AL
      Frederick        A
      Hagerstown       AA
1991  Baltimore        AL
      Rochester        AAA
1992  Baltimore        AL
1993  Baltimore        AL
1994  Baltimore        AL
1995  Baltimore        AL

Career Highlights

My commentary

Provides a counterexample to the "all the players move around all over the place, with no team loyalty" mantra we hear so often nowadays. This guy is entering his ninth season with the Orioles, and is not exactly a franchise-type player.

Always better than most fans thought, even early in his career before he started hitting, because his strengths are, for the most part, in non-rotisserie based aresas. His strengths are doubles, walks, and stolen base percentage.

For some reason, people tried for years to get him to stop hitting with power, which doesn't really make any baseball sense but works well in Clicheland, where leadoff hitters are "supposed" to "hit the ball on the ground to take advantage of their speed." For some inane reason, some would rather see a bunt single and a stolen base from a leadoff hitter instead of a double.

In any case, once he stopped listening to them and just hit the way he knew how, he started hitting and hasn't stopped. He should probably sit down versus some left handed pitching now, but it's not as if the Orioles have so many outfield options to platoon him with.

He's moving way up the Orioles career SB list.

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