Manuel DeJesus (Manny) Alexander


Uniform #: 6

Bats:   Right        Height: 5-10
Throws: Right        Weight: 165

Born:  March 20, 1971
       San Pedro de Macoris, D.R.
Lives: San Pedro de Macoris, D.R.


02/03/88  Signed by the Orioles as an undrafted free agent.


Year  Team             Lvl AVG/OBP/SLG  AB
1989  Bluefield        R   310/357/394  274
1990  Wausau           A   178/238/211  152
1991  Frederick        A   261/316/319  548
      Hagerstown       AA  333/400/444    9
1992  Hagerstown       AA  259/294/349  499
      Rochester        AAA 292/320/333   24
      Baltimore        AL  200/200/200    5
1993  Rochester        AAA 244/278/365  471
      Baltimore        AL  000/000/000    3
1994  Rochester        AAA 249/276/373  426
1995  Baltimore        AL  236/299/318  264

Career Highlights

My commentary

While I am sure he is a wonderful human being and gives lots of money to charity, as a baseball player he makes a pretty good philanthropist. A sterling example of the phenomenon of scouts who really do not understand the game of baseball. He kept getting named a good prospect based on being an allegedly slick fielding shortstop.

Unfortunately, these scouts ignored the fact that he was an awful hitter, even in the minor leagues. He does not walk, has no power at all, and while he steals a bunch of bases, he does not have great success rates.

In short, he's a tools guy, not a baseball player.

You'll hear some people saying "But he's a shortstop, and shortstops don't have to hit," which ignores three vital points. (A) FOR THE ORIOLES, he's a second baseman, not a shortstop. (B) Shortstops DO have to hit. When a shortstop grounds out, it kills a rally just as much as when a first baseman grounds out. (C) Alexander is a poor hitter EVEN FOR A SHORTSTOP.

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