Jeffrey Paul (Jeff) Manto


Uniform #: 12

Bats:   Right         Height: 6-3
Throws: Right         Weight: 210

Born:  August 23, 1964
       Bristol, PA
Lives: Bristol, PA

Graduated from Temple University.


06/85     Originally drafted by the California Angels in the 14th round
          of the annual June draft.
01/09/90  Acquired by the Indians, with LHP Colon Charland, for LHP Scott 
11/27/91  Released by the Indians.
01/23/92  Signed by the Braves as a minor league free agent.
10/16/92  Became free agent.
12/16/92  Signed by the Phillies as a minor league free agent.
10/15/93  Became free agent.
12/16/93  Signed by the Mets as a minor league free agent.
05/19/94  Acquired by the Orioles from the Mets as PTNL in the 04/20/94 Mike
          Cook trade.
01/26/96  Orioles announce that he has signed a contract with the Yomiuri


Year  Team             Lvl AVG/OBP/SLG  AB
1985  Quad City        A   197/315/378  233
1986  Quad City        A   247/348/402  239
1987  Palm Springs     A   256/415/389  375
1988  Midland          AA  301/394/549  408
1989  Edmonton         AAA 277/409/522  408
1990  Colorado Springs AAA 297/437/560  316
      Cleveland        AL  224/392/395   76
1991  Cleveland        AL  211/289/313  128
      Colorado Springs AAA 320/441/542  153
1992  Richmond         AAA 291/371/436  450
1993  Scranton-WB      AAA 289/377/503  388
      Philadelphia     NL  056/056/056   18
1994  Norfolk          AAA 261/401/417  115
      Rochester        AAA 310/390/644  329
1995  Baltimore        AL  256/325/492  254
      Bowie            AA  250/250/250    4
      Frederick        A   375/375/750    8

Career Highlights

My commentary

One of those players with real talent who get stuck in the minor leagues because their defensive abilities are questioned and because they happen not to have hit that well in their brief major league trials. Victim of the mistaken conventional wisdom that there is such a thing as a "minor league hitter."

Replacing him with BJ Surhoff, and then releasing him, as Pat Gillick did, is completely inexplicable. Any value BJ Surhoff has comes from his versatility, which is wasted if he's a full-time starting third baseman. Manto is also one of the few Orioles with the power and on-base combination to be a quality (part-time) DH if necessary.

On the other hand, he's one of the rare quality players who actually go to Japan before the age at which he should retire, meaning that he could put up great numbers out there. Hopefully, he will.

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