Mark Edward Smith


Uniform #: 00

Bats:   Right         Height: 6-3
Throws: Right         Weight: 205

Born:  May 7, 1970
       Pasadena, CA
Lives: Arcadia, CA

Graduated from the University of Southern California


06/91     Selected by the Orioles as their #1 pick, 9th overall, in the 
          annual June draft
01/xx/97  Traded from Baltimore to the Padres for XXX
03/29/97  Traded from the Padres to the Pirates with RHP Harrold Garret
          for Trey Beamon and Angelo Encarnacion.


Year  Team        Lvl AVG/OBP/SLG  G   AB   H   2B 3B HR R   RBI BB  K   SB-CS
1970  Baltimore   AL  235/316/235  8   17   4   0  0  0  4   4   2   3   1
1991  Frederick   A  
1992  Hagerstown  AA 
1993  Rochester   AAA
1994  Rochester   AAA
      Baltimore   AL 
1995  Rochester   AAA
      Baltimore   AL 
1996  Rochester   AAA 348/         39  132  31  14 1  8      32  14  22  10
      Baltimore   AL  244/         27  78             4      10
1997  SPRING TRAINING 362/         19                 3      9
1997  Pittsburgh  NL 
TTL   American League 233/         67                 7      27

Career Highlights

My commentary

I'm sure he is a very nice guy, but as a number 1 pick, this was a complete flop. Smith is basically a fourth outfielder,at best. He does not have much power, nor does he walk much. He's Mike Devereaux with less power and no speed. Okay, he has a better arm than Devereaux. His problem is that he doesn't really DO anything. If you've got a player excellent in one area and awful in other areas, a good manager can tailor his usage of the player to take advantage of those strengths. When the player is just subpar in everything, there isn't really a place to use him. He wouldn't kill a team off the bench, hitting only versus lefties.

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