Sherman Omar Obando [Gainor]


Uniform #: 42

Bats:   Right         Height: 6-4
Throws: Right         Weight: 215

Born:  January 23, 1970
       Bocas del Toro, Pan
Lives: Changuinola, Pan


09/17/87  Signed by Yankees as undrafted free agent.
12/07/92  Selected by the Orioles in the Rule V draft.


Year  Team             Lvl AVG/OBP/SLG  AB
1988  Sarasota         R
1989  Oneonta          A
1990  Prince William   A
1991  Tampa            A
      Prince William   A
1992  Albany           AA
1993  Baltimore        AL
      Bowie            AA
1994  Rochester        AAA
1995  Baltimore        AL
      Rochester        AAA

Career Highlights

My commentary

This can be taken word-for-word from my Jeff Manto comments: one of those players with real talent who get stuck in the minor leagues because their defensive abilities are questioned and because they happen not to have hit that well in their brief major league trials. Victim of the mistaken conventional wisdom that there is such a thing as a "minor league hitter."

Indeed, the only differences between Manto and Obando are that (a) Manto is a bad defensive third baseman, while Obando is a bad defensive outfielder, and (b) Manto finally got his shot, while Obando has not.

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