1976 Orioles Roster

More statistics will be forthcoming. Check back at a later date.

Batters' Name Games by
Bob Bailor SS
Mark Belanger SS
Paul Blair OF
Al Bumbry OF
Terry Crowley DH
Rich Dauer 2B
Doug DeCinces 3B
Rick Dempsey C
Dave Duncan C
Kiko Garcia SS
Bobby Grich 2B
Tommy Harper DH
Ellie Hendricks C
Reggie Jackson OF
Lee May 1B
Andres Mora DH
Tony Muser 1B
Tim Nordbrook 2B
Brooks Robinson 3B
Tom Shopay OF
Ken Singleton OF
Royle Stillman 1B


Pitcher's Name
Doyle Alexander
Mike Cuellar
Mike Flanagan
Wayne Garland
Ross Grimsley
Fred Holdsworth
Ken Holtzman
Grant Jackson
Dennis Martinez
Tippy Martinez
Rudy May
Scott McGregor
Dyar Miller
Dave Pagan
Jim Palmer

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