1995 Injuries

PlayerStart DateEnd DateTotal DaysNotesReason
Arthur Rhodes8/25/9510/2/9538-Strained left shoulder
Curtis Goodwin8/20/959/4/9515-Chipped finger on left hand
Leo Gomez8/4/9510/2/9563Retroactive to 7/31/95Sprained left ankle
Ben McDonald7/25/959/11/9553Retroactive to 7/20/95Tendinitis in right shoulder
Jeffrey Hammonds7/18/959/3/9547-Strained right trapezius muscle
Chris Hoiles7/17/957/31/9515Retroactive to 7/16/95Strained left hamstring
Jeff Manto6/26/957/13/9517-Pulled left hamstring
Gene Harris6/25/9510/2/9599 Strained right elbow
Kevin Brown6/23/957/17/9524-Dislocated right index finger
Ben McDonald6/23/957/14/9527Retroactive to 6/17/95Sore Shoulder
Sid Fernandez6/8/956/28/9520-Collarbone
Andy Van Slyke6/2/956/16/9516Retroactive to 5/31/95
Andy Van Slyke5/14/955/26/9515Retroactive to 5/11/95Strained left forearm
Mark Eichhorn4/8/9510/2/95160Transferred to 60-day on 4/9/95
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