[LOGO] 2000 Injuries

PlayerStart DateEnd DateTotal DaysNotes
Brian Falkenborg3/23/00Eligible on 05/22/00060-day DL
Scott Erickson3/28/005/5/0038-
Eugene Kingsale3/29/008/28/00152-
Greg Myers4/2/004/17/0015-
Mike Timlin4/7/004/17/0015Retroactive to 4/2/00
Willie Morales4/17/005/13/0026-
Will Clark5/3/005/18/0015-
Calvin Maduro5/15/006/20/0036-
Rich Amaral6/18/007/28/0043Retroactive to 6/15/00
Calvin Maduro6/22/00Eligible on 08/21/000Transferred to 60-day DL on 7/28/00
Cal Ripken Jr.6/28/009/1/0065-
Ryan Minor7/15/007/28/0023Retroactive to 7/5/00
Mark Lewis7/27/008/5/0015Retroactive to 7/21/00
Scott Erickson7/28/00Eligible on 08/10/000Retroactive to 7/26/00
Transferred to 60-day DL on 8/15/00
Alan Mills8/11/00Eligible on 08/20/000Retroactive to 8/5/00

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