[LOGO] 2002 Injuries

PlayerStart DateEnd DateTotal DaysNotes
Calvin Maduro3/23/024/7/0215 
Albert Belle3/29/02Eligible on 05/28/02 60-day DL
Luis Matos3/29/026/6/0269 
Luis Rivera3/29/02Eligible on 04/13/02  
Chris Richard3/30/027/31/02123Transferred to 60-day DL on 4/3/02
Pat Hentgen3/30/029/8/0216260-day DL
John Parrish3/30/02Eligible on 05/29/02 60-day DL
Marty Cordova3/31/024/12/0215Retroactive to 3/28/02
Chris Brock4/16/026/3/0248 
Jason Johnson4/25/026/7/0243 
David Segui5/18/02Eligible on 07/15/02 Retroactive to 5/16/02; transferred to 60-day DL on 6/16/02
Calvin Maduro6/7/02Eligible on 08/06/02 transferred to 60-day DL on 6/26/02
Jeff Conine6/15/028/7/0253 
Mike Bordick7/16/028/17/0232 
Jason Johnson7/29/028/9/0217Retroactive to 7/23/02
Sidney Ponson8/9/029/1/0225Retroactive to 8/7/02
Gary Matthews Jr.8/25/029/11/0218Retroactive to 8/24/02
Yorkis Perez9/16/02Eligible on 11/15/02 60-day DL

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