[LOGO] 2003 Injuries

PlayerStart DateEnd DateTotal DaysNotes
Segui, David3/27/034/5/0315Retroactive to 3/21/03
Belle, Albert3/28/03Eligible on 05/27/03 60-day DL
Erickson, Scott3/28/03Eligible on 05/27/03 60-day DL
Bedard, Erik3/28/03Eligible on 04/12/03 Transferred to 60-day DL on 5/7/03
Cordova, Marty4/23/03Eligible on 05/08/03 Transferred to 60-day DL on 5/19/03
Segui, David4/24/035/3/0315Retroactive to 4/18/03
Lopez, Rodrigo5/3/036/15/0343 
Surhoff, B.J.5/4/035/28/0324 
Hairston, Jerry5/21/039/4/03106Transferred to 60-day DL on 6/29/03
Bigbie, Larry5/23/037/26/0364 
Roberts, Willis6/29/03Eligible on 08/28/03 Transferred to 60-day DL on 7/31/03
Daal, Omar7/3/039/10/0374Retroactive to 6/28/03
Segui, David7/26/03Eligible on 08/10/03  
Surhoff, B.J.7/29/038/12/0314Retroactive to _____
Mora, Melvin8/5/039/2/0332Retroactive to 8/1/03

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