[LOGO] 2007 Injuries

PlayerStart DateEnd DateTotal DaysNotes
Benson, Kris3/23/07Eligible on 05/22/07 60-day disabled list
Rleal, Sendy4/1/075/31/0769Retroactive to 3/23/07
Payton, Jay4/1/074/20/0724Retroactive to 3/27/07
Hernandez, Ramon4/8/074/26/0726Retroactive to 3/31/07
Wright, Jaret4/12/074/29/0718Retroactive to 4/11/07
Williamson, Scott4/24/075/13/0719 
Wright, Jaret4/30/07Eligible on 06/29/07 Transferred to the 60-day disabled list on 6/19/07
Loewen, Adam5/4/07Eligible on 07/03/07 Transferred to the 60-day disabled list on 5/7/07
Leicester, Jon5/13/077/19/0767Transferred to the 60-day disabled list on 6/19/07
Hernandez, Ramon6/8/076/22/0715Retroactive to 6/7/07
Baez, Danys6/16/077/12/0726 
Tejada, Miguel6/22/077/27/0735 
Trachsel, Steve6/30/077/22/0722 
Bynum, Freddie7/7/078/20/0744 
Mora, Melvin7/14/078/5/0723Retroactive to 7/13/07
Ray, Chris7/25/07Eligible on 08/05/07 Retroactive to 7/21/07
Transferred to the 60-day disabled list on 9/4/07
Gibbons, Jay8/13/07Eligible on 08/28/07 Transferred to the 60-day disabled list on 8/31/07

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