1993 Transactions and Roster Moves
since the 1992 World Series

9/28/93Cook, MikeCalled up from minors.
9/18/93Alexander, MannyCalled up from minors.
9/18/93Oquist, MikeCalled up from minors.
9/10/93Carey, PaulCalled up from minors.
9/10/93Pennington, BradCalled up from minors.
9/8/93Davis, GlennRefused minor league assignment
9/8/93Smith, LonnieTraded to Bal.
8/24/93Tackett, JeffSent to minors, Sent to minors.
8/23/93McGehee, KevinCalled up from minors.
8/20/93Oquist, MikeSent to minors.
8/15/93Pagliarulo, MikeTraded to Bal.
8/15/93Telford, AnthonySent to minors.
8/13/93Oquist, MikeCalled up from minors.
8/13/93O'Donoghue, JohnCalled up from minors.
8/11/93Pennington, BradSent to minors.
8/11/93Telford, AnthonyCalled up from minors.
8/10/93Buford, DamonCalled up from minors.
8/3/93Buford, DamonSent to minors.
8/3/93Parent, MarkCalled up from minors.
7/10/93Carey, PaulSent to minors.
7/3/93Carey, PaulCalled up from minors.
7/3/93Telford, AnthonySent to minors.
6/29/93Bielecki, MikeWaived.
6/28/93O'Donoghue, JohnSent to minors.
6/28/93Telford, AnthonyCalled up from minors.
6/27/93O'Donoghue, JohnCalled up from minors.
6/25/93Hammonds, JeffreyCalled up from minors.
6/24/93Carey, PaulSent to minors.
5/27/93Leonard, MarkSent to minors.
5/27/93Davis, GlennSent to minors.
5/25/93Carey, PaulCalled up from minors.
5/25/93Leonard, MarkCalled up from minors.
5/24/93Leonard, MarkSent to minors.
5/19/93Moyer, JamieCalled up from minors.
5/6/93Leonard, MarkCalled up from minors.
5/3/93Buford, DamonCalled up from minors.
4/29/93Mercedes, LuisTraded to SF .
4/29/93Voigt, JackCalled up from minors.
4/25/93Martinez, ChitoSent to minors.
4/15/93Valenzuela, FernandoSent to minors.
4/15/93Pennington, BradCalled up from minors.
4/4/93Obando, ShermanCalled up from minors.
3/31/93Telford, AnthonyRefused minor league assignment
3/31/93Alexander, MannySent to minors.
3/31/93Leonard, MarkSent to minors.
3/31/93Voigt, JackSent to minors.
3/30/93Jennings, DougRefused minor league assignment
3/21/93Leonard, MarkAcquired from the Giants for Steve Scarsone
2/27/93Valenzuela, FernandoSigned.
1/28/93Palacios, ReySigned.
1/14/93Baines, HaroldTraded to Bal.
12/18/92Searcy, SteveSigned, y.
12/18/92Cook, MikeSigned.
12/18/92Edwards, WayneSigned.
12/18/92Schulze, DonSigned.
12/14/92Moyer, JamieSigned.
12/11/92Reynolds, HaroldSigned.
12/11/92Ripken, BillyRefused minor league assignment
11/17/92Lewis, RichieAcquired in expansion draft to Fla.
11/11/92Flanagan, MikeRefused minor league assignment
10/15/92Dempsey, RickRefused minor league assignment
10/15/92Jennings, DougCalled up from minors.

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