1994 Transactions and Roster Moves
since the 1993 World Series

8/10/94Rhodes, ArthurSent to minors.
8/10/94Benitez, ArmandoSent to minors.
8/10/94Bolton, TomCalled up from minors.
7/31/94Rhodes, ArthurCalled up from minors.
7/31/94Bolton, TomSent to minors.
7/26/94Oquist, MikeSent to minors.
7/26/94Benitez, ArmandoCalled up from minors.
7/22/94Voigt, JackSent to minors.
7/11/94Carey, PaulSent to minors.
7/4/94Rhodes, ArthurSent to minors.
6/27/94Rhodes, ArthurCalled up from minors.
6/15/94Buford, DamonSent to minors.
6/14/94Smith, DwightTraded to Bal.
6/14/94Buford, DamonCalled up from minors.
6/14/94Dostal, BruceDesignated for assignment.
6/10/94Dostal, BruceCalled up from minors.
6/10/94Klingenbeck, ScottSent to minors.
6/1/94Smith, MarkSent to minors.
6/1/94McGehee, KevinDesignated for assignment.
6/1/94Klingenbeck, ScottCalled up from minors.
5/21/94Buford, DamonSent to minors.
5/21/94Rhodes, ArthurSent to minors.
5/19/94Manto, JeffNamed as PTBNL from Mets in Mike Cook trade
5/9/94Buford, DamonCalled up from minors.
5/5/94Bolton, TomCalled up from minors.
5/2/94Alexander, MannySent to minors.
4/25/94Pennington, BradSent to minors.
4/25/94Oquist, MikeCalled up from minors.
4/20/94Cook, MikeOutrighted to minors.
4/17/94Buford, DamonSent to minors.
4/6/94Gonzales, ReneSigned to a minor league contract.
4/5/94Fernandez, SidSent to minors for rehabilitation.
4/4/94Williamson, MarkCalled up from minors.
4/2/94Oquist, MikeSent to minors.
3/28/94Smith, LonnieCalled up from minors.
3/28/94Cook, MikeSent to minors.
3/27/94Baez, KevinTraded to Bal.
3/27/94Segui, DavidTraded to NYM.
3/27/94Baez, KevinSent to minors.
3/22/94Frohwirth, ToddRefused minor league assignment
3/2/94Pagliarulo, MikeRefused minor league assignment
2/18/94Cotto, HenryRefused minor league assignment
2/6/94Smith, LonnieWaived.
2/3/94Cotto, HenryWaived.
2/3/94Gonzales, ReneWaived.
1/29/94Smith, LeeSigned as free agent.
1/25/94Jorgensen, TerryWaived.
1/21/94Frohwirth, ToddWaived.
1/16/94Sabo, ChrisSigned.
12/20/93Frohwirth, ToddRefused minor league assignment
12/20/93Olson, GreggRefused minor league assignment
12/14/93Eichhorn, MarkSigned.
12/14/93Gedman, RichWaived.
12/13/93Palmeiro, RafaelSigned.
11/22/93Fernandez, SidSigned.
10/13/93Williamson, MarkRefused minor league assignment

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