1995 Transactions and Roster Moves
since the 1994 World Series

9/21/95Alan Mills
Sherman Obando
Jimmy Myers
Brian Sackinsky
Billy Percibal
Recalled from Rochester (AAA)
9/18/95Kimera BarteeNamed as PTBNL in 7/7 Scott Erickson trade
9/11/95Ben McDonaldActivated from disabled list
9/10/95Jimmy Haynes
Cesar Devarez
Called up from Rochester
9/4/95Curtis GoodwinActivated from disabled list
9/3/95Jeffrey HammondsActivated from disabled list
9/1/95Jarvis Brown
Mike Hartley
Called up from Rochester
8/26/95Joe BorowskiCalled up from Rochester
8/26/95Jimmy HurstWaived
8/25/95Jimmy HurstPurchased contract from Rochester
8/25/95Arthur RhodesPlaced on 15-day disabled list
8/21/95Mark SmithRecalled from Rochester
8/20/95Curtis GoodwinPlaced on 15-day disabled list
8/16/95Mike OquistCleared waivers, sent to Rochester
8/16/95Jimmy WilliamsNamed as PTBNL in 7/28 Bobby Bonilla trade
8/11/95Jim DedrickRecalled from Rochester
8/11/95Mike OquistDesignated for assignment
8/8/95Mike HartleySigned as a minor league free agent
8/4/95Armando BenitezRecalled from Rochester
8/4/95Leo GomezPlaced on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 7/31/95
7/31/95Chris HoilesActivated from disabled list
7/31/95Cesar DevarezOptioned to Rochester
7/29/95Rick KrivdaRecalled from Rochester
7/29/95Mark SmithOptioned to Rochester
7/28/95Bobby Bonilla
Jimmy Williams
Acquired from the Mets for Alex Ochoa & Damon Buford
7/28/95Joe BorowskiOptioned to Rochester
7/25/95Joe BorowskiRecalled from Rochester
7/25/95Ben McDonaldPlaced on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 7/20/95
7/18/95Mark SmithRecalled from Rochester
7/18/95Jeffrey HammondsPlaced on 15-day disabled list
7/17/95Kevin BrownActivated from disabled list
7/17/95Chris HoilesPlaced on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 7/16/95
7/16/95Cesar DevarezRecalled from Rochester
7/16/95Armando BenitezOptioned to Rochester
7/14/95Ben McDonaldActivated from disabled list
7/14/95Joe BorowskiOptioned to Rochester
7/13/95Jeff MantoActivated from disabled list
7/9/95Sid FernandezWaived for the purpose of unconditional release
7/8/95Joe BorowskiRecalled from Bowie
7/8/95Rick KrivdaSent to Rochester
7/7/95Rick KrivdaRecalled from Rochester
7/7/95John DeSilvaDesignated for assignment; outrighted to Rochester
7/7/95Scott EricksonAcquired from the Twins for Scott Klingenbeck & a PTBNL [Kimera Bartee]
6/29/95Jimmy MyersOptioned to Rochester
6/28/95Sid FernandezActivated from disabled list
6/26/95Jeff MantoPlaced on 15-day disabled list
6/25/95John DeSilvaPurchased from Rochester
6/25/95Jeff HusonRecalled from Rochester
6/25/95Gene HarrisPlaced on 15-day disabled list
6/23/95Jimmy MyersPurchased from Rochester
6/23/95Armando BenitezRecalled from Rochester
6/23/95Ben McDonaldPlaced on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 6/16
6/23/95Kevin BrownPlaced on 15-day disabled list
6/23/95Roberto AlomarSuspended for one game
6/22/95John DettmerRefused minor league assignment; declared free agency
6/22/95John DettmerOutrighted to Rochester
6/20/95Arthur RhodesRecalled from Rochester
6/20/95Alan MillsOptioned to Rochester
6/19/95Greg ZaunRecalled from Rochester
6/19/95Matt NokesWaived for the purpose of unconditional release
6/18/95Gene HarrisAcquired from the Phillies for Andy Van Slyke
6/18/95Sid FernandezSent on rehab assignment
6/16/95Andy Van SlykeActivated from disabled list
6/16/95Cesar DevarezOptioned to Rochester
6/16/95Tony Nieto
Danny Clyburn
Acquired from the Reds for Brad Pennington
6/11/95Mike MussinaSigned
6/8/95Scott KlingenbeckRecalled from Rochester
6/8/95Terry Clark
Mark Lee
Purchased from Rochester
6/8/95Armando BenitezOptioned to Rochester
6/8/95Brad PenningtonDesignated for assignment
6/8/95Sid FernandezPlaced on 15-day disabled list
6/2/95Cesar Devarez
Curtis Goodwin
Recalled from Rochester
6/2/95Andy Van SlykePlaced on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 5/31
6/2/95Damon BufordOptioned to Rochester
6/1/95Bret BarberieSigned
5/26/95Jeffrey HammondsRecalled from Bowie
5/26/95Andy Van SlykeActivated from disabled list
5/26/95Sherman Obando
Arthur Rhodes
Optioned to Rochester
5/16/95John DettmerAcquired from the Rangers for Jack Voigt; assigned to Rochester
5/16/95John SheaDesignated for assignment
5/16/95Terry ClarkSigned to a minor-league contract
5/15/95Jeffrey HammondsRecalled from Bowie
5/15/95John SheaPlaced on 40-man roster
5/15/95Jack VoigtOptioned to Bowie; designated for assignment
5/14/95Andy Van SlykePlaced on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 5/11
5/14/95Jeffrey HammondsOptioned to Bowie
4/25/95Kevin BassRecalled from Rochester
4/23/95Scott Klingenbeck
Joe Borowski
Gregg Zaun
Cesar Devarez
Optioned to Rochester
4/22/95Curtis Goodwin
Jim Wawruck
Optioned to Rochester
4/21/95Andy Van SlykeSigned to a one-year contract as a free agent
4/21/95Mark Smith
Brian Sackinsky
Optioned to Rochester
4/20/95Billy PercibalOptioned to High Desert
4/20/95Russell BrockReturned to Oakland (Rule V pick)
4/19/95Andy Van SlykeSigned to a minor-league contract
4/19/95Paul Carey
Alex Ochoa
Rick Krivda
Jimmy Haynes
Optioned to Rochester
4/18/95Paul CareySent to Rochester
4/18/95Manny Alexander
Armando Benitez
Re-signed as a free agent to a one-year deal
4/18/95Andy Van SlykeInvited to spring training
4/14/95Kevin BassSigned to a minor league contract as a free agent
4/13/95Alan MillsSigned
4/9/95Paul Carey
Scott Klingenbeck
4/9/95Mark EichhornTransferred to 60-day disabled list
4/8/95Kevin Brown
Doug Jones
Jesse Orosco
Signed as a free agent
4/8/95Mark EichhornPlaced on 15-day disabled list
4/5/95Chris HoilesSigned five year contract extension
2/17/95Jim Poole
Jeff Tackett
Dwight Smith
12/28/94Jeff HusonSigned as a minor league free agent
12/23/94Harold BainesRe-signed as a free agent
12/19/94John DesilvaAcquired from the Dodgers for John O'Donoghue
12/9/94Matt NokesSigned as a free agent from the
12/9/94John O'DonoghueDesignated for assignment
12/6/94Bret BarberieAcquired from the Marlins for Jay Powell
12/5/94Rich DeluciaLost to Cardinals in Rule V draft
11/23/94Frank SeminaraSigned as a minor league free agent
11/18/94Mark LeeSigned as a minor league free agent
11/17/94Junior Noboa
Rich Delucia
Signed as a minor league free agent
10/24/94Lee Smith
Lonnie Smith
Declared free agency
10/21/94Tim Hulett
Mike Devereaux
Declared free agency
10/20/94Harold Baines
Mark Williamson
Declared free agency
10/18/94Mark McLemoreDeclared free agency
10/12/94Chris SaboRefused minor league assignment; declared free agency
10/11/94Tom BoltonRefused minor league assignment; declared free agency

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