1996 Transactions and Roster Moves
since the 1995 World Series

9/28/96Roberto AlomarSuspended for five games
9/13/96Cesar Devarez
Nerio Rodriguez
Called up from minors
9/11/96Rick KrivdaCalled up from minors
9/10/96Brent BowersCalled up from minors
9/4/96Joel BennettCalled up from minors
9/3/96Jimmy Haynes
Eugene Kingsale
Called up from minors
8/30/96Brent Bowers
Jimmy Haynes
Sent to minors
8/29/96Pete Incaviglia
Todd Zeile
Acquired from the Phillies for Calvin Maduro & Garrett Stephenson
8/29/96Keith ShepherdDesignated for assignment
8/29/96Garrett StephensonDesignated for assignment
8/28/96Nerio RodriguezSent to minors
8/28/96Jimmy HaynesCalled up from minors
8/27/96Mark ParentSigned as free agent
8/27/96Cesar DevarezSent to minors
8/27/96Brian SackinskyDesignated for assignment
8/26/96Esteban YanSent to minors
8/25/96Tony TarascoCalled up from minors
8/25/96Tony TarascoSent on rehab assignment
8/23/96Gregg ZaunNamed as PTBNL in Terry Mathews trade
8/22/96Rick KrivdaSent to minors
8/21/96Terry MathewsAcquired from the Marlins for a PTBNL (Gregg Zaun)
8/16/96Brent BowersPurchased contract from Rochester (AAA)
8/16/96Roger McDowellTransferred from 15-day to 60-day disabled list
8/16/96Jeffrey HammondsPlaced on 15-day disabled list
8/15/96Nerio RodriguezPurchased contract from Frederick (A)
8/15/96Roger McDowellPlaced on 15-day disabled list
8/13/96Jeff HusonReleased
8/13/96Luis PoloniaWaived
8/9/96Keith ShepherdSent to minors
8/6/96Mike MilchinClaimed off waivers from the Twins
8/6/96Cesar Devarez
Archie Corbin
Esteban Yan
Called up from minors
8/6/96Garrett Stephenson
Gregg Zaun
Sent to minors
8/3/96Jeff HusonDesignated for assignment
8/2/96Luis PoloniaDesignated for assignment
7/31/96Jeffrey HammondsCalled up from minors
7/31/96Jimmy HaynesSent to minors
7/25/96Garrett StephensonCalled up from minors
7/22/96Rick KrivdaCalled up from minors
7/21/96Eddie MurrayAcquired from the Indians for Kent Mercker
7/18/96Keith ShepherdCalled up from minors
7/18/96Rick KrivdaSent to minors
7/12/96Todd FrowirthRetired
6/17/96Mark SmithCalled up from minors
6/17/96Jeffrey HammondsSent to minors
6/10/96Jesse Perez
John Parrish
Jeff Phipps
Jeremiah Johnson
Mike Fitzpatrick
Signed draft picks; assigned to Gulf Coast League (R)
6/10/96Tim DeCinces
Gabe Molina
Maleke Fowler
Signed draft picks; assigned to Bluefield (R)
6/6/96Rocky CoppingerCalled up from minors
6/6/96Mark SmithSent to minors
6/5/96Archie CorbinCleared waivers and sent to minors
6/2/96Archie CorbinDesignated for assignment
5/20/96Archie CorbinCalled up from minors
5/20/96Esteban YanSent to minors
5/18/96Esteban YanCalled up from Bowie (AA)
5/18/96Jeff HusonPlaced on 15-day disabled list
5/18/96Mark SmithCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
5/18/96BJ SurhoffPlaced on 15-day disabled list
5/17/96Armando BenitezSent on rehab assignment
5/12/96Keith ShepherdSent to minors
5/12/96Tony Tarasco
Luis Polonia
Called up from minors
5/7/96Jimmy MyersSent to minors
5/6/96Rick KrivdaCalled up from minors
5/1/96Tom EdensSigned to a minor league contract
4/25/96Keith ShepherdCalled up from minors
4/20/96Brian SackinskySent to minors
4/20/96Brian SackinskyCalled up from minors
4/19/96Luis PoloniaSigned to a minor league contract
4/5/96Esteban YanSent to minors
4/2/96Jimmy MyersContract purchased from Rochester
3/31/96Billy RipkenContract purchased from Rochester
3/30/96Cesar DevarezSent to minors
3/28/96Mark Smith
Rick Krivda
Sent to minors
3/26/96Mark LeeReleased
3/14/96Scott McLain
Brian Sackinsky
Sent to minors
3/13/96Tony TarascoAcquired from the Expos for Sherman Obando
3/13/96Kimera BarteeClaimed off waivers by the Tigers
3/11/96Willis Otanez
Calvin Maduro
Garrett Stephenson
BJ Waszgis
Sent to minors
3/11/96Mike HartleyReleased
3/1/96Garrett Stephenson
Tony Tarasco
Jeffrey Hammonds
Manny Alexander
Rick Krivda
2/28/96Cesar DevarezSigned
2/26/96Kimera Bartee
Mark Smith
Mark Lee
2/19/96Arthur RhodesSigned
2/12/96Willis OtanezClaimed off waivers from the Mariners
2/11/96Kent MerckerSigned
2/9/96Keith GordonSigned to a minor league contract
2/7/96Armando BenitezSigned
2/6/96Gregg ZaunSigned
1/31/96Jimmy HaynesSigned
1/29/96Brian Sackinsky
BJ Waszgis
Calvin Maduro
1/26/96Jeff MantoReleased to play in Japan
1/19/96Scott EricksonSigned
1/17/96Alan MillsRe-signed to a one year deal
1/17/96Jeff HusonRe-signed to a one year deal
1/11/96Mike DevereauxSigned to a one year deal as a free agent from the Braves
1/8/96Don WelkeNamed special assignment scout
1/8/96Ross GrimsleyNamed pitching coach of Rochster (AAA)
1/8/96Joe FergusonNamed manager of High Desert (A)
1/8/96Tom TrebelhornNamed Minor League Coordinator of Instruction
12/27/95Keith ShepherdSigned to a minor league contract
12/26/95David WellsAcquired from the Reds for Curtis Goodwin & Trovin Valdez
12/23/95Billy RipkenSigned to a minor league contract
12/21/95Roberto AlomarSigned to a three year deal as a free agent from the Blue Jays
12/20/95B.J. SurhoffSigned to a three year deal as a free agent from the Brewers
12/20/95Ben McDonald
Terry Clark
Bret Barberie
Leo Gomez
12/19/95PTBNLAcquired from the Red Sox for Paul Carey
12/18/95Roger McDowellSigned to a one year deal as a free agent from the Rangers
12/17/95Kent MerckerAcquired from the Braves for Joe Borowski & Rachaad Stewart
12/14/95Randy MyersSigned to a two year deal as a free agent from the Cubs
12/4/95Kim BatisteLost in Rule V Draft to Giants
12/4/95Kimera BarteeChosen in the Rule V Draft from the Twins
11/20/95Oscar MunozClaimed off waivers from the Twins
11/13/95Joe HallSigned to a minor league contract from the Tigers
11/8/95Mark EichhornDeclared free agency
11/7/95Greg BlosserSigned to a minor league contract as a six year free agent from the Red Sox
11/7/95Don FlorenceSigned to a minor league contract as a six year free agent from the Mets
11/7/95Mike HartleyRe-signed to a minor league contract as a six year free agent
11/7/95Jarvis BrownRe-signed to a minor league contract as a six year free agent
11/7/95Jimmy MyersRe-signed to a minor league contract as a six year free agent
11/6/95Harold BainesDeclared free agency
11/5/95Kevin BrownDeclared free agency
11/4/95Jamie Moyer
Kevin Bass
Declared free agency
11/1/95Jesse OroscoExercised option
11/1/95Doug JonesNontendered; became free agent
10/31/95Gene HarrisRefused minor league assignment; declared free agency
10/12/95Jim DedrickOutrighted to Rochester

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