1999 Transactions and Roster Moves
since the 1998 World Series

10/18/99Calvin MaduroPurchased contract from Rochester (AAA)
10/18/99Wady AlmontePurchased contract from Bowie (AA)
10/18/99Delino DeShields
Will Clark
Activated from the disabled list
10/18/99Chip Alley
Tommy Davis
Outrighted to Rochester (AAA)
10/18/99Derrick MayDeclined assignment to Rochester; became free agent
10/18/99Julio MorenoDeclined assignment to Rochester; became minor league free agent
10/1/99Brian FalkenborgPurchased contract from Bowie (AA)
10/1/99Delino DeShieldsPlaced on 60-day disabled list
9/28/99Luis AlouSigned to a minor league contract
9/9/99Jim CorsiActivated from the disabled list
9/6/99Matt RileyPurchased contract from Bowie (AA)
9/6/99Will ClarkMoved from 15-day to 60-day disabled list
9/5/99Gabe Molina
Calvin Pickering
Jesse Garcia
Recalled from Rochester (AAA)
9/5/99Gabe Molina
Calvin Pickering
Jesse Garcia
Recalled from Rochester (AAA)
9/4/99Jerry Hairston Jr.Recalled from Rochester (AAA)
9/1/99Mike FettersActivated from the disabled list
9/1/99Cal Ripken Jr.Activated from the disabled list
8/31/99Jimmy HamiltonNamed as the PTBNL from the Indians in the Harold Baines trade
8/29/99Eugene KingsaleRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
8/29/99Jim CorsiPlaced on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 8/25/99
8/28/99B.J. RyanRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
8/28/99Juan Aracena
Acquired from the Indians for Harold Baines
8/21/99Derrick MayPurchased contract from Rochester (AAA)
8/21/99Will ClarkPlaced on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 8/14/99
8/20/99Doug LintonRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
8/20/99Ricky BonesReleased
8/3/99Ryan MinorRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
8/3/99Cal Ripken Jr.Placed on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 8/1/99
8/1/99Jim CorsiPurchased contract from Rochester (AAA)
7/31/99B.J. Ryan
Jacobo Sequea
Acquired from the Reds for Juan Guzman and cash
7/29/99Mario IglesiasAcquired from the White Sox for Esteban Beltre
7/23/99Delino DeShieldsActivated from the disabled list
7/23/99Jerry Hairston Jr.Optioned to Rochester (AAA)
7/21/99Al ReyesNamed as the PTBNL from the Brewers in the Rocky Coppinger trade
7/21/99Ryan MinorOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
7/17/99Ricky BonesActivated from the disabled list
7/16/99PTBNLAcquired from the Brewers for Rocky Coppinger
7/16/99Ryan MinorCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
7/16/99Gabe MolinaOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
7/16/99Lenny WebsterDesignated for assignment
7/9/99Cal Ripken Jr.Picked up 2000 option on his contract
7/2/99Gabe MolinaCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
7/2/99Jim CorsiSigned to a minor league contract
7/2/99Ricky BonesPlaced on 15-day disabled list
6/26/99Rocky Coppinger
Gabe Molina
Voided yesterday's transactions
6/25/99Gabe MolinaCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
6/25/99Rocky CoppingerOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
6/22/99Jerry HairstonCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
6/21/99Delino DeShieldsPlaced on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 6/20/99
6/21/99Howie ClarkPromoted from Bowie to Rochester
6/7/99Scott KamienieckiCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
6/7/99Mike FettersPlaced on 15-day disabled list
6/3-6/41999 Amateur Draft
6/4/99Tommy DavisOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
6/3/99Derrick MaySigned to a AAA contract
6/3/99Mike FiggaClaimed off waivers from the Yankees
6/1/99Todd DunnAcquired from the Brewers for Lyle Mouton
5/28/99Willis OtanezClaimed off waivers by the Blue Jays
5/26/99P.J. ForbesAcquired from Oklahoma (AAA) for future considerations
5/26/99Terry Burrows
Jesse Garcia
Placed on Rochester's disabled list
5/25/99Will ClarkActivated from the disabled list
5/25/99Willis OtanezDesignated for assignment
5/21/99Rocky CoppingerCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
5/21/99Gabe MolinaOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
5/18/99Jason JohnsonCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
5/18/99Scott KamienieckiOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
5/14/99Doug JohnsCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
5/14/99Doug LintonOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
5/14/99Tommy DavisPurchased contract from Rochester
5/14/99Lenny WebsterPlaced on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 5/13/99
5/13/99Cal Ripken Jr.Activated from the disabled list
5/13/99Cal PickeringOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
5/8/99Scott KamienieckiActivated from the disabled list
5/8/99Rocky CoppingerOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
5/3/99Cal PickeringCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
5/3/99Jesse GarciaOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
4/30/99Gabe MolinaRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
4/30/99Heathcliff SlocumbReleased
4/22/99Rocky CoppingerRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
4/20/99Will ClarkPlaced on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 4/19/99
4/20/99Jesse GarciaRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
4/20/99Cal RipkenPlaced on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 4/18/99
4/11/99Doug LintonCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
4/11/99Doug JohnsOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
4/11/99Delino DeShieldsActivated from the disabled list
4/11/99Jesse GarciaOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
4/4/99Delino DeShields
Scott Kamieniecki
Placed on 15-day disabled list retroactive to 3/26/99
4/4/99Jesse Garcia
Mike Fetters
Purchased contracts from Rochester
4/4/99Doug LintonReassigned to minor league camp
4/4/99Jason JohnsonOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
4/4/99Lyle MoutonOutrighted to Rochester (AAA)
4/2/99Jose HerreraSigned to a minor league contract
4/2/99Jeff ConineAcquired from the Royals for Chris Fussell
4/2/99Chris HoilesWaived
4/1/99Esteban Beltre
Tommy Davis
Dave Evans
Mike Murphy
Reassigned to minor league camp
4/1/99Johnny Isom
Eugene Kingsale
Augie Ojeda
Sent back to minor league camp
3/29/99Jerry Hairston
Lyle Mouton
Optioned to Rochester (AAA)
3/29/99Julio VinasReassigned to minor league camp
3/29/99Jason JohnsonAcquired from the Devil Rays for Danny Clyburn and a PTBNL
3/27/99Danny ClyburnOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
3/27/99Ricky OteroReassigned to minor league camp
3/24/99Terry BurrowsReassigned to minor league camp
3/24/99Rocky Coppinger
Gabe Molina
Optioned to Rochester (AAA)
3/18/99Cal Pickering
Ryan Minor
Chris Fussell
Tim DeCinces
Optioned to Rochester (AAA)
3/17/99Darin BloodCleared waivers; assigned to Rochester
3/15/99Radhames Dykhoff
Julio Moreno
Optioned to Rochester (AAA)
3/15/99Chip Alley
Carlos Casimiro
Ivanon Coffie
Eugene Kingsale
Optioned to Bowie (AA)
3/15/99Darnell McDonald
Jayson Werth
Carlos Medina
Matt Snyder
Reassigned to minor league camp
3/1/99John AngelosNamed Executive Vice President
2/5/99Calvin MaduroSigned to a minor league contract
2/4/99Mike FettersSigned to a minor league contract; invited to spring training
2/4/99Terry Burrows
Dave Evans
Doug Linton
Matt Snyder
Tim DeCinces
Julio Vinas
Jayson Werth
Esteban Beltre
Darnell McDonald
Mike Murphy
Ricky Otero
Invited to spring training
1/16/99Xavier HernandezVoided contract for failing physical
1/15/99Heathcliff SlocumbSigned to a one year deal for $1,100,000 from the Mariners
12/21/98Rich AmaralSigned to a two year deal for $1,000,000 from the Mariners
12/21/98Ricky BonesSigned to a one year deal from the Royals
12/21/98Jesse Garcia
Carlos Medina
Signed to minor league contracts
12/21/98Willie Greene
Jesse Garcia
Carlos Medina
12/21/98Duffy DyerNamed as Manager at Bluefield (R)
12/17/98Xavier HernandezSigned to a two year deal for $2,500,000 from the Rangers
12/17/98Willie GreeneDesignated for assignment
12/17/98Doug LintonSigned to a minor league contract
12/9/98Rich BeckerReleased
12/8/98Rich BeckerDesignated for assignment
12/5/98Will ClarkSigned to a two year deal for $11,000,000 from the Rangers
12/4/98Delino DeShieldsSigned to a three year deal for $12,500,000 from the Cardinals
12/4/98BJ SurhoffRe-signed to a three year deal for $17,900,000, with an option year
12/1/98Charlie GreeneLost to Brewers after being placed on Waivers
12/1/98Terry BurrowsSigned to a minor league contract with Rochester
12/1/98Charles JohnsonAcquired from the Mets for Armando Benitez
12/1/98PJ ForbesReleased
12/1/98Wady AlmonteOutrighted to Rochester
12/1/98Albert BelleSigned to a five year deal for $65,000,000 from the White Sox
11/23/98Bruce MannoNamed as Assistant General Manager
11/19/98Chip Alley
Ivanon Coffie
Jesse Garcia
Carlos Medina
Gabe Molina
Added to 40-man roster
11/12/98Mike TimlinSigned to a four year deal for $16,000,000 from the Mariners
11/12/98Marv Foley
Bruce Kison
Hired as coaches (1b/p)
11/6/98Mike Murphy
Julio Vinas
Signed to a minor league contract
10/27/98Eric Davis
Pete Smith
Doug Drabek
Filed for free agency
10/26/98Jimmy Key
Roberto Alomar
BJ Surhoff
Filed for free agency
10/24/98Rafael Palmeiro
Alan Mills
Filed for free agency
10/23/98Frank WrenNamed as General Manager

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