[LOGO] 2000 Transactions and Roster Moves
since the 1999 World Series

10/23/00Pat RappDeclined to exercise option; became free agent
10/17/00Karim GarciaOutrighted to Rochester (AAA); refused and became free agent
10/17/00Willie MoralesOutrighted to Rochester (AAA)
10/13/00Jeff NewmanMoved to third base coach
10/13/00Sam PerlozzoMoved to bench coach
10/13/00Mark WileySigned to a three-year deal as pitching coach
10/13/00Mike HargroveRe-Signed to a three-year contract extension
10/5/00Trenidad HubbardReleased
9/6/00Willie MoralesRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
9/6/00Ivanon CoffieRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
9/4/00Karim GarciaFinished serving suspension
9/1/00Karim GarciaBegan serving suspension (earned before acquisition with Tigers)
9/1/00Karim GarciaPurchased contract from Rochester (AAA)
9/1/00Eugene KingsaleRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
9/1/00Cal Ripken Jr.Activated from disabled list
8/30/00John ParrishOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
8/29/00Fernando LunarRecalled from Bowie (AA)
8/28/00Eugene KingsaleActivated from the disabled list and optioned to Rochester (AAA)
8/28/00Mike KinkadeOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
8/22/00Mike KinkadeRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
8/22/00Ryan MinorOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
8/15/00Scott EricksonTransferred from 15-day to 60-day disabled list
8/14/00Jay SpurgeonPurchased contract from Rochester (AAA)
8/14/00Leslie BreaOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
8/11/00Lesli BreaRecalled from Bowie (AA)
8/11/00Alan MillsPlaced on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to 8/5/00
8/11/00Jerry HairstonRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
8/11/00Ivanon CoffieOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
8/5/00Mark LewisActivated from disabled list
8/5/00Carlos CasimiroOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
8/1/00Jason JohnsonRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
7/31/00Anthony ShumakerAcquired from the Mets for Juan Aracena
7/31/00Carlos CasimiroPurchased contract from Bowie (AA)
7/31/00Jose LeonAcquired from the Cardinals for Will Clark & cash
7/31/00Luis Rivera
Trenidad Hubbard
Fernando Lunar
Acquired from the Braves for B.J. Surhoff and Gabe Molina
7/30/00B.J. RyanRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
7/29/00Chris Richard
Mark Nussbeck
Acquired from the Cardinals for Mike Timlin & cash
7/29/00Brook Fordyce
Jason Lakman
Miguel Felix
Juan Figueroa
Acquired from the White Sox for Charles Johnson & Harold Baines
7/28/00Melvin Mora
Mike Kinkade
Lesli Brea
Pat Gorman
Acquired from the Mets for Mike Bordick
7/28/00Ryan MinorActivated from disabled list
7/28/00Ryan KohlmeierPurchased contract from Rochester (AAA)
7/28/00Calvin MaduroTransferred from 15-day to 60-day disabled list
7/28/00Rich AmaralReleased
7/28/00Juan AracenaDesignated for assignment
7/28/00Scott EricksonPlaced on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to 7/26/00
7/27/00Mark LewisPlaced on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to 7/21/00
7/19/00John ParrishPurchased contract from Rochester (AAA)
7/19/00Darren HolmesReleased
7/15/00Ivanon CoffieCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
7/15/00Ryan MinorPlaced on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to 7/5/00
7/13/00Dave HollinsSigned to a minor league contract
7/7/00Gabe MolinaRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
7/7/00Jason JohnsonOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
6/28/00Darren HolmesAcquired from the Cardinals for future considerations
6/28/00Ryan MinorRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
6/28/00Cal Ripken Jr.Placed on 15-day disabled list
6/22/00Gabe MolinaRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
6/22/00Calvin MaduroPlaced on 15-day disabled list
6/20/00Calvin MaduroActivated from disabled list
6/20/00Gabe MolinaOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
6/18/00Luis MatosRecalled from Bowie (AA)
6/18/00Rich AmaralPlaced on 15-day disabled list, retroactive to 6/15/00
6/13/00Alan MillsAcquired from the Dodgers for Al Reyes
6/13/00Derrick MayReleased
6/12/00Karim GarciaAcquired from the Tigers for future considerations.
6/9/00Gabe MolinaRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
6/9/00B.J. RyanOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
5/18/00Will ClarkActivated from disabled list
5/18/00Ryan MinorOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
5/15/00Al ReyesRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
5/15/00Calvin MaduroPlaced on 15-day disabled list
5/13/00Willie MoralesActivated from disabled list and optioned to Rochester (AAA)
5/5/00Scott EricksonActivated from disabled list
5/5/00Gabe MolinaOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
5/5/00Willie MoralesAssigned to extended spring training for rehab assignment
5/3/00Ryan MinorRecalled from Rochester (AAA)
5/3/00Will ClarkPlaced on 15-day disabled list
5/3/00Tim WorrellWaived
4/28/00Gabe MolinaCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
4/28/00Jesus GarciaOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
4/26/00Mark LewisClaimed off waivers from the Reds
4/26/00Tim WorrellDesignated for assignment
4/20/00Jason JohnsonCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
4/20/00Al ReyesOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
4/17/00Mike Timlin
Greg Myers
Activated from disabled list
4/17/00Gabe MolinaOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
4/17/00Willie MoralesPlaced on 15-day disabled list
4/9/00Jose MercedesPurchased contract
4/9/00Jerry HairstonOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
4/7/00Gabe MolinaCalled up from Rochester (AAA)
4/7/00Mike TimlinPlaced on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to 4/2/00
4/6/00Radhames DykhoffClaimed off waivers by the Mets
4/2/00Willie MoralesPurchased contract
4/2/00Greg MyersPlaced on 15-day disabled list
4/2/00Richard NegretteOutrighted to Rochester (AAA)
4/2/00Wayne Kirby
Derrick May
Assigned to Rochester (AAA)
3/30/00David HowardSigned to a minor league contract
3/29/00Eugene KingsaleVoided option to minors; placed on 15-day disabled list
3/28/00Tommy Davis
Rafael Pina
Javier de la Hoya
Sent to minor league camp for reassignment
3/28/00Calvin Pickering
Ryan Minor
Eugene Kingsale
Radhames Dykhoff
Gabe Molina
Jason Johnson
Optioned to Rochester (AAA)
3/28/00Scott EricksonPlaced on 15-day disabled list
3/27/00Tim WorrellPurchased contract, added to 40-man roster
3/25/00Matt RileyOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
3/23/00Brian FalkenborgPlaced on 60-day disabled list
3/21/00Wady Almonte
Billy Ashley
Sent to minor league camp for reassignment
3/21/00Eddy MartinezOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
3/14/00Joe DePastino
Jayson Werth
Sean Maloney
Matt Ryan
Sent to minor league camp for reassignment
3/14/00Juan GuzmanOptioned to Frederick (A)
3/14/00Juan Aracena
Ivanon Coffie
Luis Matos
Carlos Casimiro
Optioned to Bowie (AA)
3/14/00Richard NegretteOptioned to Rochester (AAA)
3/3/00Gabe Molina
Juan Aracena
Juan Guzman
Calvin Maduro
Calvin Pickering
Ryan Minor
Eugene Kingsale
Agreed to terms on one year contracts
3/1/00B.J. Ryan
Matt Riley
Brian Falkenborg
Carlos Casimiro
Ivanon Coffie
Radhames Dykhoff
Eddy Martinez
Luis Matos
Richard Negrette
Agreed to terms on one year contracts
2/8/00Billy AshleySigned to a minor league contract; invited to spring training
2/4/00Rick KrivdaSigned to a minor league contract
2/4/00Tim WorrellSigned to a minor league contract; invited to spring training
1/28/00Pat RappSigned to a one year deal for $750,000 from the Red Sox
1/5/00Tom TrebelhornNamed as director of organizational instruction
1/5/00Tripp NortonPromoted from administrator of player development to assistant director of minor league operations
1/5/00Don BufordNamed director of minor league operations
1/3/00Jose MercedesSigned to a minor league contract; invited to spring training
12/23/00Jimmy HamiltonOutrighted to Rochester (AAA)
12/21/99Buddy GroomSigned to a two year deal for $ from the As
12/21/99Wady Almonte
Doug Johns
12/20/99Mike Bell
Sean Maloney
Terry Rosenkranz
Brian Rust
Mike Lopez-Cao
Re-signed to minor league contracts
12/20/99John Thompson
Chris Weidert
Mike Hartung
Willie Morales
Chad Epperson
David Gibralter
Nate Tebbs
Signed to minor league contracts as free agents
12/19/99Arthur RhodesRejected arbitration
12/17/99Greg MyersSigned to a two year deal for $ from the Braves
12/15/99Jeff ConineRe-signed to a two year deal for $5,750,000 with an option
12/14/99Stephen LarkinAcquired from the Reds for a PTBNL
12/13/99Richard NegretteAcquired from the Cubs for Augie Ojeda
12/12/99PTBNLAcquired from the Royals for Jeff Reboulet
12/10/99Chuck McElroyAcquired from the Mets for Jesse Orosco
12/9/99Harold BainesSigned to a one year deal for $2,000,000 from the Indians
12/8/99Doug LintonReleased
12/7/99Jeff Conine
Arthur Rhodes
Offered arbitration
12/7/99Jim Corsi
Mike Fetters
Declined to offer arbitration
12/3/99Sammy EllisNamed as pitching coach
12/3/99Billy GrahamNamed as first base coach
12/3/99Jeff NewmanNamed as bench coach
11/19/9940-man roster fixed for Rule V draft
11/18/99Juan Aracena
Juan Guzman
Luis Matos
Eddy Martinez
Purchased contracts, added to 40-man roster
11/18/99Mike FiggaClaimed off waivers by the Devil Rays
11/17/99Mike TrombleySigned to a three year deal for $7,500,000 from the Twins
11/12/99Derrick MaySigned to a minor league contract
11/3/99Mike HargroveNamed as manager

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