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O-pening Day analysis

If you've been following the Orioles' Opening Day coverage in the mainstream news media and still find yourself unsatiated, Ben Jacobs of The Hardball Times has posted a hard-hitting analysis of the 2004 Orioles called "Five Questions: Baltimore Orioles." The questions he asks (and attempts to answer) are:

1) How much will Miguel Tejada, Javy Lopez, and Rafael Palmeiro help the Orioles?
2) Haven't we seen this before from the Orioles?
3) What does 2004 have in store for Melvin Mora?
4) How good is Baltimore's young outfield?
5) Is there any hope for Baltimore's starting rotation?

I think that Jacobs's assessment of the team is largely spot-on, although he doesn't really say anything groundbreaking. Most of the information in the article should be common knowledge to any Orioles fan worth his salt.

I will also add that the use of statistics in the article is on the heavy side, even for an inveterate stathead like me. Who really needs to know Erik Bedard's minor-league strikeout rates to two decimal places?

For those who are unfamiliar with the source, THT is an online publication of pro baseball analysis. It was begun not long ago as a collaboration of several fine writers from across the country, including distinguished bloggers Aaron Gleeman and Larry Mahnken.


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