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Newhan is O's new man

I caught this note in the Sun's Orioles notes this morning:

The Orioles signed Texas Rangers infield prospect David Newhan last night to give them another left-handed bat off the bench, and he'll be in uniform tonight when they begin a three-game series in Colorado.

Given the team's struggles against left-handed pitching, it hardly seems urgent to get another left-handed bat. Newhan is not a bad fellow to have on the bench, though. While not good enough of a hitter to be a regular, his minor-league record indicates that he has some on-base ability and enough power to occasionally turn on a pitch. And he can fill in at first, second, or third base. That makes him more attractive than current sub Luis López, who has never really hit well anywhere he's been.

Newhan, incidentally, is the son of esteemed L.A. Times baseball writer Ross Newhan. That family link should immediately put him in good stead with the local press.

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The article can't be serious when they say that David Newhan is a prospect. He's a thirty year-old journeyman whom some would call a Class AAAA player. He flirted with the Phillies' roster several years ago, but he got hurt and then he couldn't stick. At best he'll be a decent bat off the bench, but he won't solve any longer-term issues for the Orioles.


You're absolutely right about Newhan being way beyond prospect age. I should have mentioned that somewhere but was in a bit of a hurry for no apparent reason. Probably the writer, Joe Christensen, was close to deadline and couldn't think of a better word for him.

This is just another one of those countless minor transactions that happen every day during the season but have little impact on the standings. Aside from his famous father, there is little reason to be interested in Newhan. I suspect that he will have as much impact on the Orioles as Jeff Huson and Ron Washington—that is, virtually none.


Newhan is the hottest bat in baseball. His ability to put the ball in play is uncanny. He's hit in EVERY SINGLE GAME he's played in (yes including 2 pinch-hit appearances) so far for the Orioles.

Looks like this 30 yr old just needed a chance. Sure, when the adrenaline dies down he'll likely fall back to Earth, but I figured I'd make a post here and at least temporarily rub both your noses in the hottest bat in the majors.

11 for 37 with 11 runs, 3 HR, 11 RBI, .486 AVG


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