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Season's greetings

I'm back... albeit in slightly modified form.

Circumstances forced me to take a break from blogging and the Orioles for a few months. And honestly, I don't think there were any really noteworthy transactions in Birdland since my last post in October; most people seem to agree that the acme of the Orioles' offseason came early on with the Leo Mazzone signing—which, I should reiterate, could turn out to be quite a significant acquisition.

I suppose I could have written about the Miggy-wants-out soap opera, but that was short-lived, overblown, and ultimately of little consequence, so I'm glad I didn't waste any words on it. The trade that brought Anna Benson and her husband Kris to Baltimore brought a lot of buzz, too, but most of it has been focused on the outspoken Mrs. Benson, who will not be starting any games for the Orioles last I checked. And there were other low-key signings and trades, but none of them exactly seized my attention. I will, however, sling together a few thoughts about the new faces during the next couple of weeks.

To be continued

Here's my plan for this season. My posts here, for the most part, will not be as encyclopedic as in the past; this could turn out to be a positive development, as those of you who spent hours reading (or not reading) my dissertation-length articles of the last two years might submit. As for frequency, I'll aim for weekly articles during the season—or as much as my time and mind afford.

I had hoped to write more last year, but was sidetracked by various diversions and doldrums. It certainly didn't help that the Orioles' 2005 season, which started so auspiciously, basically went to hell in the second half. (Or should I say it went to pot? Nah, wrong choice of drug.) I'll admit that I didn't watch or listen to many games in the season's final month and was glad when it was all over, although I should add that I was preoccupied with a lot of other things last fall.

Fortunately, baseball's version of hell is not an everlasting torment; some three and a half months after the last out of the World Series, every team is reborn to tempt and tease us again through another spring, summer, and—if the fates allow—autumn of contests. (Springtime also, in certain cases, has roused a quiescent blog from hibernation.) Grapefruit League games have scarcely begun, yet much of last season's bitter aftertaste is already disappearing from my mouth. Citrus has a way of cleansing the palate, doesn't it?

And Opening Day (April 3, 3:05 at home v. Tampa Bay) is not so far away.

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i sure hope the season isn't full of games like today's defensive debacle vs. mets.


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