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Play it again, Sam

So, aside from Erik Bedard pitching yet another stellar game on Wednesday, the big news for the Orioles is that manager Sam Perlozzo is officially coming back in 2007, according to assistant general manager Jim Duquette. (Well, it's relatively big news. How much can you expect to get out of a team that's 20 games under .500 and 25 games out of first?)

I guess it's hard to blame Perlozzo too much for the team's poor performance this year; it's not as if this roster was projected (at least not by me) to be any better than this. And I guess there's something to be said for stability and continuity; shuffling managers every year is just a recipe for chaos and confusion, and without fixing the roster, what's the point? Still, a day after the Orioles clinched their ninth straight losing season, extending the worst streak since the St. Louis Browns moved east, it's not exactly a decision designed to fire up the fan base, now is it? And no matter what his excuses are, so far Perlozzo is hardly distinguishing himself in the annals of Orioles managerdom:

Manager            W -    L   Pct

Luman Harris      17 -   10  .630
Earl Weaver     1480 - 1060  .583
Davey Johnson    186 -  138  .574
Hank Bauer       407 -  318  .561
Joe Altobelli    213 -  168  .559
Johnny Oates     291 -  270  .519
Billy Hitchcock  163 -  161  .503
Phil Regan        71 -   73  .493
Paul Richards    517 -  539  .490
Ray Miller       157 -  167  .485
Lee Mazzilli     129 -  140  .480
Frank Robinson   230 -  285  .447
SAM PERLOZZO      86 -  114  .430   (Through Wednesday's game)
Mike Hargrove    275 -  372  .425
Cal Ripken Sr.    67 -  101  .399
Jimmy Dykes       54 -  100  .351

Yes, that's right: for all the talk of Oriole improvement and a promising future, the team's record under Perlozzo is significantly worse than it was with his recent predecessors Lee Mazzilli and Ray Miller, and on par with Mike Hargrove's. (Gee, wouldn't it be nice if Peter Angelos hadn't run Davey Johnson out of town?) And if we're not going to blame Perlozzo, then I think it's time to start pointing fingers at the other culprits: Angelos, Duquette, and pitching-coach-turned-broadcaster-turned-pitching-coach-turned-broadcaster-turned co-general manager Mike Flanagan.

(Finally, for all you nitpickers, let me note that I know that the line "Play it again, Sam," was never actually said in Casablanca. Ask me if I care.)


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