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The Lorax is not a non-fiction book

Bjorn Lomborg, author of The Skeptical Environmentalist, takes another swipe at environmentalists and their silly Sustainable Development Summit, pointing out that the world needs more development, not less.

The focus should be on development, not sustainability. Development is not simply valuable in itself, but in the long run it will lead the third world to become more concerned about the environment. Only when people are rich enough to feed themselves do they begin to think about the effect of their actions on the world around them and on future generations. With its focus on sustainability, the developed world ends up prioritizing the future at the expense of the present. This is backward. In contrast, a focus on development helps people today while creating the foundation for an even better tomorrow.
But then again, environmentalists don't really care about people. They just care about showing how caring they are. Like these nitwits, who climb trees and stay up top to "make a statement."

The statement being, of course, "We're nuts."


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