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Not going to have Richard Nixon to kick around anymore

Bob Torricelli is out of the New Jersey Senate race, though he declined to resign his office before the election. In one of the whiniest press conferences in history, Torricelli pretended he was the wronged party in this whole debacle, acting upset at the idea that whether he took bribes should matter more than where Republican candidate Doug Forrester stood on crucial New Jersey issues like abortions for women in Afghanistan.

The big mess now is over the November ballot; it's too late for Torricelli to be replaced by someone else, which means there will be a court fight over the attempt to do so.


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The best part of his "Richard Nixon like - you won't have Bob Torricelli to kick around any more" press conference was when he apologized to Bill Clinton. Did he understand what he was saying? He basically stated that Bill (I never had sex with that woman) Clinton could have pulled it off because he is much better at lying about his sleaze than is Bob Torricelli!


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