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Yes, but aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

My Senator, Bob Torricelli, has serious character problems, turning what should be a slam dunk re-election campaign into a too-close-to-call race. Despite Torricelli's vigorous denials, nobody believes him. So what do you do if you're campaigning for him? Change the subject:

Mr. Daschle urged New Jerseyans today to look beyond Mr. Torricelli's ethical problems, however, because he said the stakes of the election were so steep.
Those stakes, of course, are that Daschle won't retain the perks of being majority leader. But is that it? "Look beyond" the crimes? Maybe Saddam Hussein should try this strategy: "Yes, I've got biological and chemical weapons and am working on nuclear weapons. And sure, I've gassed people, and am likely to do so again. But you've got to look beyond that."


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Cliff Bowman:

With the Dow hitting a 4-year low yesterday and the unemployment rate at 5.7 percent, it would seem the politician most in need of diversionary tactics is President Bush. What better way turn our attention away from the faltering economy than to whip us all into a lather with fife and drum? And how convenient that we need "national unity" only a few weeks before the Congressional elections... The Iraqi government has publicly agreed to weapons inspections, and it is likely that inspectors can be back to work in Iraq by mid-October. Why is the Bush administration pushing so hard for a Congressional resolution before the UN can act? Why are they so ready to undertake unilateral military action without waiting to see whether inspections will work? Since the evidence of Hussein's weapons programs presented both by the President and by Tony Blair has been less convincing than either man advertised, I can only guess that there is a more self-serving reason.

I'm always a little puzzled at the contempt that the people who claim to care most about the public exhibit for the public. Do you feel that an invasion of Iraq will whip you into a lather? Will you be so distracted by it that you'll forget to vote the way you want to in November? So why do you feel everyone else will be?


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