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The "very epitome" of idiocy

A letter to the editor from Ted Sorensen (fourth one down):

To the Editor:

President Bush has not yet openly reprimanded his press secretary, Ari Fleischer, for suggesting that "a bullet" is the cheapest way of accomplishing his goal of regime change in Iraq. Is it possible that the United States now endorses for other countries a policy of presidential assassination, the very epitome of terrorism, after our own tragic experience with that despicable act?

Multiple choice quiz: Ted Sorensen thinks:

(A) Saddam Hussein is the democratically elected leader of a free country
(B) JFK was a genocidal military dictator
(C) Overthrowing a tyrant is similar to hijacking a plane and crashing it into an office building
(D) Trick question. He doesn't think.


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e) Ted thinks every day about what Bobby sanctioned for some "Fidel" guy, and still agonizes about the bullets hitting JFK.

I, meself, have a lot of respect for Ted Sorenson, actually. Despite a ton of historical ironies, I'd cut him some personal slack here because of obvious personal issues. But that's me.


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