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Dalip Singh Saund

The Kolkata Libertarian blog, Suman Palit writes about how Bobby Jindal has just resigned from the Bush administration to, it seems, run for the governorship of Lousiania. Jindal is of Indian origin, and Palit writes that Jindal's prospect of becoming governor is "example of how far this country has come since [he's] been here," which seems to have been ten years ago. Reading Palit's piece, it seems that now, Americans of Indian origin have a chance in the United States political scene.

I would like to alert Palit and his readers to Dalip Singh Saund. Saund, born and raised in India, was elected to the United States House of Representatives not this year or even ten years ago but 46 years ago.


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Niraj Agarwalla:

Isn't there a Maryland state rep that is of Indian origin?

Yes, there is. I think he's the highest ranking elected Indian American. I can't remember his name now, but I saw him at an Indian American function six or so years ago.


It's good to see Indians finally getting back into politics in the USA. Im from Canada, and I've seen the difference between the Indians in the US and Canada. The USA has got some of the most intelligent Indians in the world, so our people should be putting their brains to more use than engineering, computers, and medicine. I believe though, that this difference has largely to do with the demographics. Here, we have many Sikhs, loud and proud...always have, and always will be politically active. In the US it's largely hindu Indians...ussually smart and subserviant. Wake up guys...you arent gonna get the goodies unless you participate. Its good to see punjabi Jindal and sikh Kathuria running though. Any thoughts?


There are two Maharashtrians in state congress. Kumar Barve is elected from Maryland and Swati Dandekar originally from Nagpur, Maharashtra is from Iowa.


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