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A thank you note

During the 2000 Presidential campaign, Dick Cheney had a usual stump speech. During the speech, he'd tell the audience that administrations don't build the army themselves... they inherit the military that that their predecessor built. He would continue that, after the first Gulf War (when he was Secretary of Defense), he sat down and wrote President Reagan a thank you letter... thanking him for organizing the great army that did such a great job. And then Cheney would say the big applause line: did anybody think that President Clinton would ever get such a thank you note? The crowds would erupt... and Cheney's job was done... trying to make people believe that President Clinton's policies had drastically weakened America's military strength.

Hopefully, this war will be a quick and successful one. And let's hope that, after it's over, Vice-President Cheney sits down and writes President Clinton a thank you letter for organizing the military that is so able and so prepared, as it's proving in Iraq and Afghanistan. What do you think the odds are?


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Partha, your deadpan humor is great. For a moment I almost believed that you were serious. Since we both know that the Clinton administration slashed the military and cut back on the Intelligence agencies, I must assume that the call for a thank you was sarcasm on your part. Once again, well done.

Gary Collard:

Don't forget the institution of "The Wall" by Janet Reno, which makes communications between the FBI and CIA essentially impossible and lead to us tripping over some of the strong clues that something was up before 9/11. Cheney should thank Clinton in the way that Saddam should thank Bush if a couple of wings of his palaces remain standing. If Clinton's military and intelligence budgets did not grow enough to keep up with the rates of inflation in his administration, he deserves no credit for doing anything but weakening the country. That he didn't fatally weaken it is hardly a point in his favor.

At least Partha retains his sense of humor.


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