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One of the big criticisms of Andrew Sullivan's blog is that the articles he links to don't always say what he says they say.

Today is no exception.

Under the heading "WINNING THE ARGUMENT," Sullivan writes: "The latest polling data show something worth remembering as we head into war. USA Today's poll shows the highest levels supporting an invasion of Iraq - 64 percent - since November 2001, a jump of five points from two weeks ago. 57 percent say that the Bush administration has made a convincing argument for intervention."

Following the links on the USA Today page, we find this: "But that support drops off if the U.N. backing being sought by the United States, Britain and Spain Monday is not obtained. If the U.N. Security Council rejects a resolution paving the way for military action, only 54% of Americans favor a U.S. invasion. And if the Bush administration does not seek a final Security Council vote, support for a war drops to 47%."

Since there's going to be no final Security Council vote, I suppose the poll says that support for a war is 47%. 17 points less than 64.

There's going to be a huge spike in support tonight and later this week, to be sure. But, right now, it's less than half.


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Yes, but Bush is experienced at winning elections with less votes that his opponent! :-)

I would like to think that we have gone beyond the use of polls to determine policy. That is why we have elections. If the people are dissatisfied with Bush's policies, they can vote him out of office. That is the way our government works.


democraps always want to use polls - IF the results can be said by them to support whatever irrational position about which they are spewing today. However, when these same, purportedly valuable, polls show that the democraps are full of crap, they then claim that the polls are full of crap and don't mean a thing. So, which is it, then, you liberal commie whacko fools?

BTW, Bush won the election in 2000, despite the best, but dishonorable, efforts of the democraps to hijack and steal the election, hijinks that the United States Supreme Court had to rule were ILLEGAL! Will the democraps stoop at nothing to get the power, glory and control that they crave? Obviously, really caring about the citizenry (not to mention "the children...") and breaking the law isn't nearly low enough for them. I wonder if any of them have spoken with Satan lately!


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