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Richard Pearle's Replacement

I have an idea on who should replace Richard Pearle as chair of the Defense Policy Board.

Considering that we've targeted Saddam, the invasion has begun, and Franklin Graham -- son of Billy Graham -- and the Southern Baptist Convention is posed to enter Iraq to minister to the Iraqi's spirtual needs... is their any other person to be considered for the policy board? The answer is obvious. It's Ann Coutler, who, quite famously wrote: "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."


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Ann Coulter on the defense policy board?? That's the most terrible and absurd idea I've ever heard! I don't know why you even bring it up. Ann Coulter, in case you didn't realize, is a WOMAN!!

rj mahoney:

YOU PEOPLE ARE MAD!!!! Richard Pearle was an evil evil man who helped get us into this mess (along with the SICK SICK pnac posse). I am a christion too, and it is my believe that christian fundamentalim is destroying the world today and is setting a course for WWIII. What blows my mind is that you madmen are trying to keep it going! What ever happened to do onto you brother as you would have him do onto you!!Keep your ugly noses out of the rest of the world and focus on your own sick twisted morals before you try to convert the world to christianity. ASSHOLES!!!

vox romanus:

Every time I see Pearle on tv I want to smack his lying devious mouth. Every American virtue is merely a tool for him and his glattboys to outwit us. He is a lever in the aipac machine and we are his tools. The lives of American soldiers, our treasury, our honor among nations, and the future of America's children are meaningless to him. There is only one priority: Israel and its aspirations. Thr glattboys will use us and then leave us. They really can't stay too long in any one host nation. Where will they go next? Brazil?


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