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Kaus jumps the shark

Mickey Kaus has just jumped the shark on the Blair fiasco.

In his most recent post, Kaus writes: Howell Raines "is an egomaniacal Guilty Southern White Boy, running a star system based in part on loyalty, whose self-image involves him singlehandedly helping deserving African-Americans claim their rightful place in American society!" (Emphasis in the original.)

Nice use of sarcasm. But, one has to ask Kaus: prey tell, where do you think the rightful place in American society is for African-Americans? Either Kaus believes it's not as a reporter, or Kaus is in dire need of an editor.


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Or, alternatively, neither. Kaus said nothing about his views of the rightful place of blacks; he accused Raines of feeling all White Man's Burdeny.

There is no "rightful place in society for African-Americans." Individuals have rightful places; groups don't. Blair's rightful place clearly wasn't as a NYT reporter, and if Raines had viewed him as an individual rather than exemplar of his race, he would have seen that, too.


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