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Who paid for this study?

If Eugene Volokh can write about Lesbian Barbie to increase his hit counts, then I can write about women sexually aroused by other women.

It's no surprise that lesbians like to watch lesbian pornography. But the big news in a new study is that they also get turned on by watching heterosexuals and gay men have sex.

And straight women? They like it all, too.

The findings confirm what researchers have suspected for some time -- women may prefer to date one gender or the other, but they get sexually aroused by both.

Men, on the other hand, aren't nearly as flexible. Straight men like to watch women have sex, and gay men like to watch men. Case closed.

So the dreams of teenage males everywhere are for real? Women are all attracted to other women?

And what does this all mean? From the researchers' press release:

“The fact that women’s sexual arousal patterns are not all predicted by their sexual orientations suggests that men’s and women’s minds and brains are very different,” Bailey said.
Well, duh. Don't you wish you had tenure?


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Are you being sarcastic, or do you actually object to this study? It seems interesting and politically relevant, given some of the recent political debates about gay marriage and such.

First, you should realize that I'm always being sarcastic. Second, no, I don't "object to" the study. (In reading psychology studies, my response generally falls into one of two categories: (a) that's ridiculous. Must be a flawed study, or (b) Well, Duh.) I just thought it was amusing. And my question about tenure was serious.


That's what I figured. Some people really do get their panties in a bunch when they hear about research like this, though, so I wasn't sure.

Some of the results here did not seem that obvious to me, but you seem to have read more on this subject than I have. I am also a bit suspicious of the methodology.

Thanks for the link.


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