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Why We Will Always Need the New York Times II

Paul Krugman's column today. Many others are going to link to it, some will attempt to "fisk" it. It's a must read.


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Dave S:

Can someone tell me which newspapers and newsmagazines he's referring to? I'd love to read these articles for myself rather than just believe what Paul Krugman claims they say, since all he is really willing to quote are those paper's indignant conclusions, rather than the evidence on which they base them. It's often a bad sign when a columnist doesn't even tell you his sources, even when those sources are other publications.


Why we will always need the Times.


The Pulitzer Prize board is reviewing the award it gave to New York Times Moscow correspondent Walter Duranty more than 70 years ago for his shamefully -- and knowingly -- false coverage of the great Ukrainian famine.


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