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Did I *really* see this?

I saw this on CNN this morning:

HEMMER: You're soon to be the wife of a member of the U.S. military. It comes with the territory in many ways. What have you thought about how difficult this might be going forward in the future with him, knowing that the U.S. military's engaged in so many different hotspots around the world?

HAMILTON: We have actually, since this deployment began, we have decided that we will no longer be in the army.

HEMMER: Oh, he's getting out after this tour of duty in Iraq? How do feel about that?

HAMILTON: Yes, yes. He can't stand for it.

HEMMER: Why is that?

HAMILTON: I support him 100 percent.

HEMMER: Why do you say he can't stand it?

HAMILTON: It's hard on the families, it's hard on the soldiers, and it's especially hard to know that you put your faith and trust into a president, and they continue to lie to you, they break promises, and it's hard to fight for somebody like that.

HEMMER: Do you watch the news?

HAMILTON: Yes, I do, yes.

HEMMER: You do?


HEMMER: Do you watch the news to get news from Baghdad, and if so, what is that like for you?

HAMILTON: I watch the news only to get news from Baghdad. It's good at times, when you think they're actually coming home. But it's horrible every morning when you wake up and there's another soldier killed and you don't know if it's yours.

Does anybody out there still believe that a Democratic candidate has no chance of defeating President Bush in 2004?


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You're right. I'm convinced. One person said something on CNN. That's like a majority of the voters isn't it? It will be Landslide City for the democrat candidate!


Rather odd that Bush has 80% or so approval rating among the military... maybe CNN is showing us views that are less than representative.

Partha Mazumdar:

I never said 'landslide city.' I did say that Bush isn't invincible anymore.

"We're coming to the rescue!" Remember Dick Cheney telling that to our allegedly underfunded, poorly equipped, unready, demoralized soldiers? Man, they had no idea.


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