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Iceberg, Greenberg, Goldberg, what's the difference?

Did they really say this? From a New York Times story on immigrants in Japanese society:

Though Vietnamese by origin, as fellow Asians they would be hard to pick out out in a crowd.
Yeah, they all look alike to me. All them colored people do, in fact.


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Partha Mazumdar:


Do you have a link/cite to this story?

(Not that I don't believe you... I just gotta read it for myself).


Yes; I meant, of course, to link to it. The post has been updated.


Wow that's a nice amount of ignorance coming from a liberal newspaper.

I wonder if anyone from the newspaper will pick up on that.

Before we're too hard on the journalist, why don't you all see how you do on this?

I'm expecting perfect scores...


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