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Remembering Vincent

Over at The Corner, Kathryn Jean Lopez writes: "THIS IS SAUDI ARABIA: 2 & 4 years for murder. The husband (four years) tied up the 18-year-old maid while the wife (2 years) poured scalding hot water on their employee."

Of course, 2 & 4 years could happen here, too. Let's remember Vincent Chin. He was killed by two men... a step-father and a step-son. The step-son held Vincent and the step-father beat him with a baseball bat. The facts are undisputed. In fact, two police officers witnessed the event and both men pleaded guilty.

Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz each received three years probation and a $3,700 fine. No jail time at all. In fact, it makes the Saudia Arabia sentence seem harsh.

It's too late for Justice for Vincent Chin, but as we poke fun at others, let's keep making sure our house is in order, too.


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Just what I would expect from you. You find it impossible to condemn the actions of another country without first taking a shot at your own country.

From the article, the murder happened 21 years, but you had to bring it up as if happened yesterday. The only thing that surprises me is that you didn't bring up lynching. After all that once happened in the US, so obviously we are condemned for all time.

Partha Mazumdar:

But, you don't answer essential questions:

1. Do you think the verdict in the Chin case was the correct one?

2. Do you think Ebens and Nitz should be walking around free, like they are right now?

After these two question are answered, we can talk about how long ago Chin was murdered.

Dave S:

1. Do you think the verdict in the Chin case was the correct one?

No, but the verdict also happened 20 years ago. The fact that these men are walking around free now is not necessarily evidence that our house is out of order--just evidence that it once was.

Our criminal justice system will never be perfect, but do we really need that kind of disclaimer every time we're going to criticize the system of another country? The problems with the US system get plenty of attention from writers and reporters every day.

You also failed to note that the mother of the couple received 80 lashes for trying to cover up the crime.


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