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To the rescue

Don't fret, we're going to Liberia. I know you've always been eager for war, Partha. It just takes time:

U.S. officials announced that 4,500 more American sailors and Marines have been ordered to position themselves closer to Liberia, if needed for an evacuation of Americans, peacekeeping or some other mission.

So where's the concern about threatening and invading a sovereign nation that is neither an immediate nor a long-term threat to us and which has no ties to terrorism? Where's the concern about the projection of American power and hegemony? Darn it, you anti-war folks, I demand consistency! Get organized! I expect thousands at a "hands off Liberia" rally this weekend on Fifth Avenue!



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Partha Mazumdar:

I can't speak for anybody else, but I think I've been consistant.

I'm surely not a pacifist, and I'm not concerned about the projection of American power and hegemony, etc.

I just think that when the US goes to war, the people should be told the genuine reasons we're going to war, we should be able to debate these reasons, and the reasons should be just.


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