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Is this what we can expect over the next year

Mark Whitaker went to Harvard. Graduated with honors. Then he went to Oxford on a Marshall Fellowship. Obviously, he's an educated guy.

Well, actually, it's not that obvious. He's now editor of Newsweek, and here is his idea of political analyis:

FROM THERE, I went to dinner with a veteran NEWSWEEK correspondent who covered Clark when he was commander of NATO. When I asked what he thought of the general, my colleague made an “L” with his thumb and index finger. “Loser!” he said. Sure, Clark was very smart, he conceded, but he was also brittle and egotistical.

That's right. A colleague made an "L" with his thumb. Wesley Clarke is, evidently, a "loser."

It's important to ask: what's not being reported in Newsweek so it can fill its space with tales of one reporter signaling another reporter with 8th grade put-downs?

ASIDE: Is "egotistical" supposed to be an insult in this situation? I mean, cripesallmighty, we're supposed to believe that a person who believes he should be President of the United States -- the most powerful person in the world -- doesn't have a healthy ego? I'd bet that every serious candidate, regardless of party affiliation, for President over the past 150 years has been "egotistical." And that's not a bad thing.


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You really are pathetic if you are willing to support a general just because he is running as a Democrat, when you know squat about him. It says so much about the rest of the Democrats that are running for president if you are willing to jump on the bandwagon of an unknown quantity. From what I have seem so far he is a loose canon. He has said some really stupid things, like he would have been a Republican if Karl Rove had only called him back. Is that really the person you want for president?

By the way, do you really think he is an anti-war general or is it just that Kosovo is the kind of war you like?


Uhhh... when did I issue my endorsement for General Clark?


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