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Multiple choice

Who exactly deserves the most scorn in this situation?

  1. The 13 year old girl who performed oral sex on a classmate on the school bus.
  2. The two chaperones who didn't notice (!) anything was going on.
  3. The "friends" of this girl who pressured her into doing it.
  4. The mother of this girl, for not raising her child properly
  5. The mother of this girl, for having the chutzpah to make the argument in court that the school didn't tell her daughter in writing that oral sex on the school bus was unacceptable.
  6. The mother's attorney, for making that argument.
  7. Bill Clinton, because anything involving oral sex is ultimately his fault.
Take your time.

(via Kimberly Swigert)


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H. The name of the county in which this all happened.

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