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Non sequitur of the day

College students like to download music off the internet. Even though it's illegal. And they like to rationalize their behavior:

She, like others, does not see the harm done, and remains suspicious of the recording industry.

"How are you going to make downloading illegal when you can still smoke legally and give yourself lung cancer?" Ms. Morrissey asked. "There are a lot worse issues you could focus on."

Say wha?


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By any chance are you the same David M. Nieporent born in Dayton, OH, on December 6, 1971?

If so, it's a small world.

I was born in Dayton, OH, one month later, on January 6, 1972.


(You seemed to have the ability to make a logical -- if incorrect -- legal argument or two, so I figured I'd find you on Martindale. ;) )

First of all, how many David Nieporents do you think there could possibly be? Yes, it's me. Second, I don't remember you at all from Dayton, so I don't think you're telling the truth. I lived there for two years or so after I was born; you'd think I'd have seen you in that time if you were there. Third, if you're telling the truth, it means you've been stalking me for 31 years. Stop it!


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