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Those who forget history...

... are damned to make an ass of themselves on CNN.

By now, everybody knows that Robert Novak "outed" Valerie Plame's employer Brewster-Jennings and Associates. Brewster-Jennings seems to actually be a CIA front company pretending to be some sort of oil related firm.

If this is true, which I think it is, it reveals that the CIA contains some people with some wit and that Bob Novak is, well, Bob Novak.

Benjamin Brewster and Oliver Jennings were original investors in John Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company way back in the 1870s. Their investments made them rich men (think "Paul Allen rich"). There was even a marriage between the two families and Emma Brewster Jennings was a great socialite, philanthropist, and, among other things, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis's step-grandmother (Emma was Hugh Auchincloss's mother).

If I were creating a phony oil firm, I'd name it something like Brewster Jennings, too. I'd be betting that the august Washington press corp would never figure it out. It'd be a pretty safe bet, don't you think?


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