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I've gotta say goodbye to Jumping to Conclusions. It has been a lot of fun, and I want to thank David for letting me be a part of his blog for the past year and a few months. He didn't have to invite me, he never complained about anything I posted (once he did ask me to change a link, but after he explained why, I agreed) even though I fully realize that there is no way he agreed with one tenth of what I wrote. Thanks, David.

I'm leaving because I'm joining the U.S State Department and, more specifically, the Foreign Service. I'm going to be a diplomat for the United States, and, hopefully, acquit myself with dignity and distinction like past officers such as George Kennan, Lawrence Eagleburger, J. Paul Bremer, Prudence Bushnell, and the thousands of others who have served with honor before me.

In joining the State Department (and I'm sure "Richard" from the comments section is going to LOVE this), I have to swear an oath to publicly promote and defend all United States foreign policy (I've already signed such a form, but I'm going to be swearing it soon enough), so I'm precluded from participating in a blog concerning U.S. foreign policy (actually, there probably isn't a State Department regulation on this, but leaving is something I think I should do).

In leaving, I'm actually going to make two requests, one serious and one partially in jest. The serious one first: last season, FOX produced a television series on young United States Foreign Service officers. It was called The American Embassy, and probably contained as much reality of being a junior FSO as Ally McBeal did in portraying young lawyers. It only lasted four episodes before it was cancelled, but I thought it was quite brilliant. If anybody has these episodes on tape or knows where I can get them on tape, please let me know. I'd really like to have them. The second is: I have an Amazon.com wish list, and following atrios's success, I've gotta recommend that you buy me a going away gift or a congratulations on your new job gift.

I'm off to Arlington, Virginia and, after a few months, to parts over the ocean. No matter where I'm eventually posted, I'm going to be a loyal and constant reader of Jumping to Conclusions. And, as long as David doesn't take my password away, I might, at some point, come back and and give an update of some sort or make some sort of comment which doesn't violate my oath.

Thanks again.


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Congratulations on your new job. I hope things work out well for you. We certainly had some interesting discussions. As for a going away present, I would have bought you this book, but I didnít see it on your list.

Since you brought up the subject of a loyalty oath, yes I do find it ironic that you would take a job where you would have to sign one.


I know that you are dying to find out which book I chose.


Congratulations and good luck!


Your decision will certainly bring interesting change to your life.

My father-in-law abandoned academe for a life in the Foreign Service and seemed to think, in retrospect, that he had made the correct decision. Of course, for the past several years he's been teaching in American universities and complaining about US foreign policy. Hmmm.

Likewise, my friends from college or grad school who made the same decision also seem to enjoy the Service. One quit, however, to marry a diplomat from Australia. They now live "happily ever after" down under.

Be sure to try to go someplace with a good satellite TV package so you might be able to pick up mlb. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with some dumb foot/ball game.

Presumably, your oath won't alter your posting status to email listservs?


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