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Conservatives think liberals are stupid, and...

I happened to be reviewing an old piece in the American Prospect about Paul Krugman, and his reply, and perhaps have a little bit more insight into Krugman's shrill partisan rhetoric. It might seem as if what separates Republicans from Democrats is the policies they prefer. But Krugman explicitly rejects that:

But the important point is that this objection presumes that we are agreed on what must be done--which brings me to the question of what it means to be a liberal.

To Bob Kuttner, liberalism means supporting more government intervention in the marketplace. Above all, it means supporting managed international trade and deficit-financed public investment. In fact, not only does Kuttner know what needs to be done: He knows, in advance, what the conclusions of future cutting-edge economic theory will be. He knows that I must have stopped being an innovator after the mid-1980s, because my work no longer seemed to provide a rationale for neo-mercantilist trade policies; and he knows that the remarkable revival of Keynesianism is a rarefied academic affair of no real importance, because the new Keynesians still think that we ought to reduce the budget deficit. (Why is it illiberal to think that monetary rather than fiscal policy can be used to increase aggregate demand?)

So if policy prescriptions don't define liberalism to Krugman, what does? Simple:
Somehow, though, I always thought that liberalism was about compassion and justice, and have never understood what import quotas and budget deficits have to do with it.
There you go. Liberalism is about "compassion" and "justice". By implication, then, conservatism must be about cruelty and injustice. When a conservative opposes the welfare state, it isn't because he thinks it creates a culture of dependency which is bad for its recipients. It isn't because he thinks that private charity can do a better job of helping the poor than the government can. It's just because he's mean.

Now, it's hardly a surprise to hear that some (many?) liberals think this way. But one might think that Krugman, a highly educated, supposedly worldly, academic, would be a little more sophisticated than that. One would, apparently, be wrong. Krugman's philosophy is that liberalism is defined by compassion. Which explains why Krugman is the second most partisan pundit out there.


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Stupidity breeds stupidity I guess. Your mom should have hit you in your empty melon with a shingle hatchet, and auctioned off the milk. Too bad her hippie ways didn't forsee that, but I guess the LSD created new neural networks which prevented it. Liberals are cowards and weaklings. Conservatives aren't mean persay, we are just sick of taking care of crybabies like you.

Have a nice day :)



What a moron...your bullsh*&t just proved your an idiot..my advice..keep yer trap shut..

Wow, cool. I would have said it this way though.

Liberalism is a proven, unmitigated, inarguable failure. Don't believe me, go to any major city in the country that's been run by the Democrats for the last 50 years (Philly, New Orleans). Having said this, rather than adapt to new realities or obvious failures Liberals keep going over the same nonsense over and over ad nauseum. Albert Einstein said it best, "the true definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result".

You're right about one thing though, we conservatives get really tired of cleaning up you childish moron's messes and not getting the credit for it. We don't expect you to necessarily be grateful but the least you could do is have the dignity to stop crying & whinning.

John Hatfield:

Liberals are just plain full of bull. I have yet to talk with a liberal who has a cohesive theory of government, economics and law. Mostly the ones I've talked with just have hippie platitudes and empty-headed ideas not buttressed by modern learning.


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